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Sunday, July 6, 2008

july 4th pics

my sister and me, shes my goal weight and complains lol

sisters boyfriend, loves kids

not much to tell, no good gossip. not much to say today. we had a great 4th though! shawn and i skipped the fireworks, we had both had enough for one day, but yogi took kris, kendyl & jackson and they had fun(but no pictures) on sat. the kids and i went up to my parents lake house, hardly took any pictures there either. i was too busy watching the kids. yogi worked on a roof and came up much later, so i was on my own mostly. my nice took my kids to the water for a while and i watched the ballgame with my dad for a it. so that was nice. well.. the ballgame didnt end so nice, but i cant talk about it, i get too angry LOL

today we are staying home, & getting poor shawn back on a decent sleep schedule, much to jackson's chagrin. he seems to think it's ok to call a friend(without permission, hiding in your room) and invite yourself to that friends house! um... NO. so he has been up in his room brooding, throwing things etc.. for a few hours now. OH WELL! you are not going to invite yourself over to a friend's house and the get a ride over there from me! try again, kid! it's not like this is all new to him and a teachable moment has presented itself, this happens over & over & over again, yet he thinks the rules may suddenly bend or change. not so. brood all you want. i can take it. i'm tough like that. i eat red meat. RAD kids do not often learn from past mistakes. they just make the same poor decisions over & over again. it is very frustrating, to say the least. control freaks do not "ask" their parents before inviting friends over or inviting themselves somewhere or making any other plans. they just do whatever they want & then get mad when it blows up in their face. ok.....choices, choices.
anyway, my stay, alone "in the ghetto" for 2 nights in georgia at dougs graduation is starting to sound like major vacation!!!!!!!!!


Erin said...

LOL about the "ghetto" for the graduation!!!!
I am all for a shanty for a night alone... Sydney is ALL over Kiley like flies on SHIT.... it is HORRIBLE.... and Ashley is just the B word she can be....
so... whatever... I am so over it... oh and CJ.. SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM

Justju said...

Awesome pictures. Looks like a GREAT day. Your skinny sister...she's a bitch, just like my skinny bitch sisers. Why do we have to be the chubby ones? lmao. You'll enjoy your ghetto vacation, seeing Doug will help brighten your day for sure!