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Thursday, July 3, 2008

2 for 1 post

another "i am SO blogging this!" moment today. my truck needs to be registered. im a week overdue at this point, but my license expired june 10th and i cannot register with an expired license . so... FIRST i stood in line for 2 solid hours at the DMV today. GREAT BLOGGING MATERIAL! the guy behind me kept barking and trying to bite his own shoulder-no lie. he sucked at Simon Says too. i think he may have been in the wrong line! then there was the complainer group. whine whine whine.....sigh sigh sigh......

"why arent there seperate lines for people needing different things?"(because only 2 people work here. get over it.)

"why do i need to wait in line again if i only flunked the driving test last time? i passed the written!" (cuz you're DUMB! thats why! now hush!)

"why are there so many people here before a 3 day weekend anyway?"(same reason as you, doofus! PROCRASTINATION.)

"why aren't they giving out water?" (um.. why did you arrive without water?)

"can i go to McDonald's? will i lose my place in line?(move one TOE and your spot is mine. do not tempt me. i am a nursing mother and could get away with hitting you. ask any lawyer!)

they went on & on & on. SUCK IT UP! SHOW UP PREPARED INSTEAD OF WHINING TO US when you aren't! geesh.. but i kept my cool. hell, it was a day out in the sunshine for me! it was great only being responsible for myself for a few waking hours, especially since i had such bad insomnia last night! i led the Simon Says game, Archie won(old deaf guy. hhmm. i think he cheated.)and texted some friends. anyway, when i was finally finished and got my walking papers and ugly picture of myself, I ran to the door with a very Price Is Right, arms waving in the air, woot woot woot body action. i got my applause and left. no harm done. then i stood in line at the town hall, but only for a minute. my truck is almost registered(???) i guess because i went from leasing to owning i have to drive my 12 MPG truck 30 miles out to the boonies of wilton(can you say FARM TOWN???) to the police barracks/town hall there to have them fill something out..something about the one in my town not being "computerized" the right way. but it is in wilton??? i dont get it but i'm not doing it today! anyway, then i came home to clean up after my family and myself.

part 2 of the 2 for 1?

the picture above is an example of the kind of help i receive on a daily basis, hence the mess LOL
have a great holiday everybody!


Justju said...

Ugh...I hate the DMV. Glad you got in and out of there in one piece...and left everyone IN there in one piece. haha. That reminds me, I have a car inspection story of my Off to blog...

Erin said...

No, I really Do not love it but the weirdos sure do come out of the woodwork.
LOVE Dakoda licking the Dishwasher!