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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

time flies...& letters from doug

how can it be 5 days since i posted? oh... 3 days. whatever LOL
the big news? doug is sending frequent letters home. the gas chamber "creeped him out" but he got through it ok. he speaks often of how much he loves and misses us, more than he ever realized or expected. he also wrote:
"at basic training they take everything away from you. i never realized how good i had it at home. the little things like, my own room, private showers, no limit to the amount of food eaten, or time limit to consume it, television, music, my truck, my amazing & crazy family, I miss you all so much!"

ummm...who just died and went to heaven? ME. lol
i think i just got my THANK YOU.
he says hes ok, hes got '3 hots & a cot' so its all good. i miss him alot, even more than i expected.
graduation is 8/28 9am. i am flying in late day on the 26th for family day(on the 27th) and flying home late the 28th or early the 29th if i have to. doug can stay with me until 8pm on the 28th so i figure i will stay an extra night. i better save my pennies huh? all the hotels near fort benning are in the GHETTO. i mean the GHE-TTO. i am scared LOL
ive got shawn from 12 nursings a day down to 5-6. not bad! hes also sleeping through the night most nights, sometimes getting up once. if he isnt weaned fully by the time i leave, he will be by the time i get home!
i still wish i wasnt going by myself, but maybe it will be good for me. maybe i need the break in the monotony. how do you spell monotony anyway?
what else? oh! party plans are under way for the 2 youngest. july 26th at noon. we dont like january, so we are having a party for both of them this month. they will turn 1 & 3 1/2. im sending invitations today. ken is so excited! shawn doesnt care LOL. its a mickey mouse party with a pinata. im a lousy party planner so it might be boring! stay tuned!
jackson started summer school yesterday and to him, its a party LOL
yogi is working alot, and is quiet when hes home. yesterday i told him(in a nice way) that i felt invisable. he doesnt ask about my day or ask if i have any plans, he only talks about his day and tells me of his plans. he thinks i dont have plans? he apologized. then he spent the entire evening at the kitchen table reading a book, while i watched the ball game alone. MEN! i guess hes just tired. he says he'll take me to a ballgame friday night. my favorite former red sock is the new batting coach for the nashua pride atlantic league team. i cant wait. i hope it doesnt fall through.
thats about it i guess! i wish i had more excitement to tell about! maybe soon. (wink)


Erin said...

sorry about mister yogi being a tired man.... Chris has days like that... like... oh... last night...
it stinks...
I am sure you will have some good time with Doug even in the GHETTO!

Justju said...

Awesome that Dough is writing to you...and that reality has hit him. Can't wait for Martin to get a similar dose, but not as strict as what Doug is experiencing for sure. Beautiful pics of Shawn. I love his little outfit...nice, bright colors. Sorry that Yogi is so quiet and seemingly withdrawn...sounds like he's got a lot on his mind. Glad you told him something and hope things get better soon. Men can be such jerks sometimes. I love ya!