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Saturday, July 19, 2008

mmmmmm summer! and oooohhh quirky bahaviors

mmmmmmmmmmm. yesterday jack & his friend austyn were outside devouring the berries. i brought out 2 cups and told them that when the cups were filled, i would bake something and they could go back to eating them off the bushes! so they did! i just made the best muffins with some of them, saved the rest.
jack and Austyn made plans to get together again today. at 915 am, jackson just said to me "it's after 9! why havent you called Austyn's mom yet? ummmmm huh?
why is that my job?
i didn't make plans with him. you did.
why do you think I have the phone number?
why don't you have the number? you made the plans, afterall.
I don't even know the mom's last name.(she is single, kid has different last name)
the truth is, i think her number is in my cell phone out in my truck(shes a nurse who takes care of my grandma at the clink. i mean crazy house. i mean nursing home lol) but.. come on! you're 12! it's just task avoidance, sheer laziness and a control issue. 30 minutes later, when Austyn hadn't called here yet, he looked through our phone's call menu and found the number (which PROVES CAPABILITY, which his shrink says he doesn't have) is attempting to call the kid right now, but has no clue how to use the phone after 5 years of teaching. now i will have to go through it all again. he still thinks phone numbers have like.. 3 or 4 digits, forgets to turn the phone on, when he gets a busy signal or a machine, he starts dialing the number again without hanging up......we go through it over & over & over & over. siiigghhhhhhhhhhhh
one step forward, 3 steps back!


Brenda said...

My kids ask to go to visit kids they hardly know and I don't know the parents. The fact that they don't know the last name or the parents name comes in handy in those situations. I realize you knew this family. The berries look yummy.

Erin said...

oh my goodness! he is so quirky is RIGHT.. Sydney at almost 7 is OBSESSED with trying to call people... and they are even learning that you also have 3 digits in the area code because calling grandma requires one!