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Thursday, July 17, 2008

glimmers of hope(LONG BORING POST)

is that how you spell glimmer? anyway...
jackson has had a very good couple of weeks. some "weird" behavior, but decent nonetheless. first i will tell you the weird:
remember the neighbor i posted about below? well.. jackson was playing at their house last week. jackson told the dad he had to be home before 1pm(because i needed to go get kendyl at school). when the guy asked jackson why he had to go home(why do you need to know???) jackson responded, ...omg.... get this:
"because you give me bad food and when brandon has other friends here you dont pay any attention to me"
ok.. back the truck up, little camper. first of all, the only thing i have EVER said is "you are not going to spend 15 hours a day at their house eating all their food" it isnt bad food, its just.. their food. ok? alright.
needless to say, the guy was at my door that night, while my husband and i were at the movies, telling my babysitter everything that went down. the babysitter is.. well, a wonderful girl. but strange and thrives on drama(strangely, another adoptee, abused in her infancy. shocking)so when i came home, the sitter made it out like the guy was LIVID and wanted me to call him so i did. at that point he was relaxed and just wanted me to know what was said. it turns out that brandon had had another friend over one afternoon and they were all in the pool. suddenly, jackson claimed he didnt want to be in the pool. "i dont feel like swimming!" (yah, sure LOL) so the dad offered a basketball video game indoors. the dad and the other 2 boys continued to frolick in the pool. jackson went in and played the game for a few minutes, got bored, came outside and jumped in the pool and all was well. well.... it sounds like jackson was jealous that the other friend was there, so tried to control the situation by refusing to swim, in hopes that brandon or his dad would send the other friend away. when that did not happen, and the fun continued without him outside, jackson came to his senses and jumped into the pool to share in the fun, instead of being rude or going home. SUCCESS!!!!! PROGRESS!!!! the bad part??? in his effort to somewhat open up to brandons dad days later, (a good thing!)instead of saying "i was jealous when Danny was here, i wanted him to go home because you were playing with him and not me." he said what he said and got a rise outta the guy(which he likely wanted anyway). so we talked to jackson about appropriate language and all that and reminded him that brandon has other friends, just like he does, and that has to be ok. also, jackson had told me a couple of times that he drinks soda and eats junkfood over there, but i refused to react, (im not stupid!)which irritated Jackson to no end and i could tell LOL, so he may have decided to try to get a reaction from Brandons Dad instead LOL OOPS! the whole thing cracked me up and even though it was a total train wreck, i feel good about it in some strange way. yah, i'm a crazy RAD mom. the little victories.
other glimmers? well, one thing that jackson has always had trouble with is SARCASM and kidding around. hes CLUELESS. hes a very black & white kinda guy. very literal. fickle. some of that is language barrier stuff, some isnt, but he just cant handle sarcasm and doesnt catch on, even if someones body languge tells it all.
last night, the Tv was acting goofy(satellite i think) and yogi says,
"aww jackson broke the Tv again, mom"
being goofy and sarcastic.
jackson didnt miss a beat. he says ,
"well, i guess we'll have to go buy a new TV!"
jack made a funny! jack was WITTY. he drew an inference. made a connection. it was HUGE and i laughed my ass off.
i think the kid might just make it.


Erin said...

AWESOME ALI!!!!!!!!!! GREAT NEWS ALL AROUND despite the drama! I hope Brandon's dad got a good laugh after all was said and done... have you suggested any reading for them??? maybe??

Justju said...

LOLOL about Jackson and the sarcasm. Sounds like he "got it" that particular moment! Go Jack! Sounds like he's doing pretty good. Progress I'm sure is tiny baby steps for RAD kids, but any step forward is progress!!!