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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

especially for SHEA

many requests for my buffalo chicken chili mac recipe. a HUGE fave around here(except with the littlest ones, but a BIG teen pleaser!)
anyway, its a rachel ray meal that feeds atleast 7 people here, without doubling.
i use medium sized shells for this recipe. i add extra hot sauce, and i like WAY more carrots(and a bit more celery) than the recipe calls for. also, i pre-boil the veggies, or else they are too, "al dente" for us. i boil them(whether i use frozen or fresh carrots) then put them in the skillet with the chicken. i also admit to putting more blue cheese crumble on top than she does, but that's all Yogi's fault.
for the birthday party, i pre made the whole meal a day or 2 ahead, (skipped the end broiling part of course)froze it, thawed it on the counter for hours or so, and baked it at 375* for 35 minutes on party day. it was PERFECT!(and i was concerned LOL).
one recipe fits perfectly(even with the extra carrots) in a 9x13 pan.


Brenda said...

YUM. I didn't ask for it but am gong to try it.

Shea said...

Thanks! This is very nice of you to post this!