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Thursday, July 24, 2008

no organized thoughts to share...

honestly, im just at a loss lol
all i can do is give boring news updates
the virus continues to sweep through, yogi is still under the weather, but functioning. he spent lots of time on the couch yesterday with cramps, headache, the whole thing. today hes back to work. shawn has a raging, snarfy cold and was up at 1130, 1230, 230, 430 & 6 thismorning. i am tired. he sleeps in our bedroom, so hes hard to ignore, and he knows it. i know what i need to do, but its hard to do it when you share a bedroom. and hes sick so.. UGH. all my other kids slept, so this is all new to me, even though ive done things the right way. he has never shared a bed with me, he sleeps on his own... but too close. sometimes i sleep in kristins room(shes never here!) when i cant take it anymore, yogi doesnt even hear him. but after we get him back on track, a few weeks later hes back to his tricks again, especially when he has a cold. next week, we are gonna send kris away for a week and get him sleeping through the night again.(shes gone as of aug. 20th anyway)hes grouchy and right up my butt today. he also barely slept an hour thismorning, so hopefully this afternnon nap will be better. doesn't he care that i'm trying to dust and clean for the party? hhmmphh!

the roof is leaking in Jackson's room. my husband is a roofer. thats just plain funny shit. i just painted in there, and theres spots where the paint is bubbling. that is NOT funny shit. oh, well. can't deal with it now!

oh- shawner's new thing is BITING. yup. so far, i am completely ignoring him when he chomps down on my thigh, hoping the behavior will cease, since he gets no reaction. i have NEVER had a biter before, so this is all new to me too! (this kid is gonna make my hair finally go grey!)if ignoring it doesn't work, i will resort to hard and frequent beatings. just kidding.

is it bad that i am begging my neighbors to borrow tables and chairs? i hope not. i am not above groveling, at this point. i've spent enough money and i have nowhere to store the stuff if i buy my own anyway.

party plans are.. well.. stalled? i need to shop tonight for drinks and snacks and some other stuff, but libby is coming over to cut my hair. i may not get out. i have lists everywhere, but not much has been accomplished since shawn is fussy and.. i don't know. tomorrow we get balloons and a tent. mowing the lawn is tough when it pours for 5 days straight.

it has been pouring for days LOL the kids are bored. i can't get outdoor work done until right before the party, so it may not look great. will anyone be looking?

dog is on lots of meds for his kennel cough. how he got it, we don't know, but he has it. the vet bill was 80$ @@ he keeps gagging up gunk on my carpets, so they'll need to be cleaned again when he's better. chi ching!

missing doug alot, can't wait to go see him and get him home. 5 more weeks!

took some cute pictures yesterday, i'll try to post them later today, but i better get things done. this place is cluttered and dusty right now!

i know.. i know..... scattered but that's all i have for now.


Erin said...

Oh man Ali.... I wish I could come help out!
Dont know about the biting but I have bruises on my arm from CJ biting on me!

Justju said...

Ack...sounds like you have a lot going on. I'm sorry Shawners is giving you so much trouble. Little stinker for sure! Em is biting, too. She's been biting me on the shoulder! ouch. But that's better than the boob. lol. I hope the party turns out well, despite the rain fall you've been having...and that sucks about the leak in Jackson's room and the paint bubbling. ARgh...I hope it's not a major ordeal to fix it!