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Monday, July 14, 2008

A day At The Beach! (and weird coincidences)

It was the plan we had all week. Get up on Sunday morning and surprise the 3 youngest(and kristin, if she wanted to go) with a trip to Hampton Beach. kendyl almost burst into tears of joy when i broke the news to her at 8am. She LOVES the beach. we were ready by 9 and off we went. Shawn slept most of the way there, which made the ride very quiet. other than Yogi's pathetically slow driving and kristin's unorthodox musical choices, the ride was fine. we arrived at 10 and the parking spaces close to the beach were taken. we parked down the road and walked to the beach with way more stuff than any family should need. we had so much fun! i looked so huge in my fat suit, i was afraid some guy would harpoon me, so i watched my back. I love the ocean, so i was in heaven. kendyl & i collected rocks, played in the waves.. it was great. we ate peanut butter and jelly for lunch and kristin tanned the whole time, never left the blanket. how sad is that? shawn loved it too, after initial fears of the noise and icey cold water. he played until he dropped, literally. he drifted off on daddy's shoulder at about 2 and slept for an hour or so. jackson and i went swimming while daddy built sand castles with he babies, he & i both love the cold water, but jackson has core temperature issues and needs help warming up when he gets out. ive never seen anyone shiver like jackson! while he warmed up the coincidence thing occured. all of a sudden, i looked up and jacksons BEST friend jack, and his family, were walking right towards us! a beach with what??? 10 thousand people on it and they walk right by us? what are the odds of that? that just blew my mind. the 2 boys had a ball playing football, baseball, went swimming again...i think jackson had a really good day. even though we never made it up to the boardwalk to look at stuff and eat bad food, it was still a blast. a good time was had by all, and we headed back to the car at 330. the baby was awake but content all the way home too! we were thrilled! ken crashed out as soon as we hit the highway LOL the best part? nobody burned! my shoulders are a bit pink and yogi burned the tops of his feet, but nothing awful. we all wore 45! and we re-applied! that sun was STRONG. we can't wait to go back!


Erin said...

LOVE the pics! Jackson had a growth spurt! He looks SOOO tall! Where does he know his friend from????

Justju said...

Awesome pictures. I can't get over how light Shawn's hair looks! They all seem to have had a great time. No pics of your bathing beauty? Tanned all day? I can't stand the sand or the Yuck...what the hell I'm doing in South Louisiana you ask, hell, I don't know! lmao. What a coincidence you ran into Jackson's best friend. Awesome.