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Monday, July 21, 2008


For Starters, The Birthday boy was grouchy with his new eye teeth coming in. kendyl woke up with a runny nose. Then we went to meet my friend at the burger king play land and shawn had diarrhea. Then, through some online investigating, i came to the conclusion that the dog does infact have kennell cough and made an appointment with the vet for 740 tonight. (how this is possible i have no idea, but i am not the vet or you tube) then shawn had more diarhhea. then, my friend jessie, who is adopting a baby from the same agency that we adopted shawn from, called to ask if she could come pick up my breast pump(she will be nursing her adopted baby too!) then, while shawners napped,(and ken fell asleep on the couch!) i made my FAMOUS buffalo chicken chilli mac so dinner would be ready at 415, so that Yogi could come home, eat, shower and make it to the 2 appointments he had set up for tonight. then i booked a babysitter so i could go to the vet. then Yogi showed up. then yogi left again. then jessie showed up. then the sitter showed up. then yogi called me to tell me his truck broke down in the city and he had no power steering UGH.(so much for the tune up that my 21 year old nephew just did on the thing@@) then i called the vet to cancel my appointment! then shawn had diarhhea. Yogi's friend drove him home and we all visited with jessie, her husband and their little Haitian born 5 year old son who they adopted when we adopted jackson(that's how we all met)the kids had a ball, jessie sorted through my baby clothes, we chatted about her (hopefully!)new baby girl due sept.4th, then shawn had diarhhea. i put Shawn to bed. then they left, i drove the sitter home and Yogi bathed kendyl & when i returned we read to her and put her to bed at 9.

i should be cleaning my kitchen! but im posting pics of The Haitian Sensations!


Erin said...

I HAVE THE PUMP DONT I?!??! I NEED to get that to you!
ADORABLE LITTLE GUY!!! LOVE the pics of the boys!
Sounds like a GLORIOUS day! I take it you didnt get to start YOUR running regimen with all your fiascos! I am sure you FELT like running away though!
Happy birthday Shawn Alan!

Brenda said...

I'm sorry Shawn wasn't feeling his best. Looks like every one had a great time. Happy Birthday!

Mike and Katie said...

Hi Ali,

Thanks for finding me. I just ordered an eight pack of Lact-Aid bags so I'm going to try to keep nursing until those run out. Then we'll decide whether or not to reorder. We'd like to adopt again so it would be easier to just keep up the supply than to stop and start again.

But who knows. We take it one month at a time.


Shea said...

Can we get your recipe for chili mac?