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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

sad :*(

still no letter from doug, after 2 solid weeks. he also hasn't called. waaaaa.
i am very likely going to doug's graduation in late august all by my lonesome, and taking my breasts with me. we have NO ONE, no support system whatsover, to take our children, especially the Non-Sleeper and the Meds Taker(Pill Popper?? LOL). kristin will keep kendyl, but will not take shawn, so why bother? and it just wont work for anyone else in our lives either.... so hubby will stay behind and I will go. AS USUAL. i am dissappointed, to say the least. i wish i had that Best Friend: the perky one who says "i'll take all your kids for the weekend!" like on john & kate Plus Eight LOL... but i do not. my best friend has her own 4 kids and a STRESSFUL full time job. my other best friend is childless, clueless and has a VERY STRESSFUL full time job. my other friends are not local, so the kids arent familiar enough with them. my parents are just not into it. not like that. never were. small doses. yogi's parents are uninterested(dad) and dead(mom-GOD bless her sweet soul) so... what's a Mom to do? hey, i've flown/traveled alone plenty of times. i completed both of our boys' adoptions alone(3 weeks for one, 12 days for the other, one in a foreign country), i funeraled alone in NC 12 mos. ago, i can do this alone too. but.... it would be so cool to meet up with a family we can trade some overnights with!
wow, what a boring post. sorry. maybe i'm gloomy. yogi is at meetings all night, i am alone alot lately. he only has 1 day off over the holiday weekend, it's roofing season. poo!

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Erin said...

I would SO be your best buddy....
but we live so damn far away.