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Monday, November 30, 2009


by my bio/adopted/foster kids problems and their huge financial woes and his issues with room mates and friends and his inability to really connect and her desire to be the only child and his lack of self control and her poor anger management skills and his lack of self help skills and her low self esteem and his total disregard for his own safety and his transparent dishonesty and her need for total control and his self sabotage and her laundry list of painful mistakes and his missed connections and his demands for negative attention and her never ending use of the word LIKE and his non-stop whining and her endless, open -ended questions and his constant urge to give up and his lack of motivation and her lack of empathy and his poor hygiene and his empty promises and his daily food hoarding and her feelings of self entitlement and his mounting car repair bills and his preoccupation with gang life and her irrational fears and his failure to see the beauty or enjoyment in everyday things and his being out of touch with reality and the emotional and financial fallout of my husbands accident and i just cant seem to bounce back and get out of this mood or think of anything constructive or enjoyable to blog about.


Leslie said...

I'm sorry, Ali. Praying that there will be many bright lights in the middle of the overwhelmingness. Hang in there. :)

Jeri said...

And you know, we come here to help even if all we have to offer are eyes to read a hands to type positive thoughts. Our lives are such that there will be sucky days, weeks, months and hopefully interspersed in there we find moments of joy and tiny little funnies that help get us off of the couch and coax us into putting down that pan of brownies. Sounds like you need at least a few hours of you time...grab your camera and get the hell out of there!

Jeri said...

That would be and hands not a hands. Got up five minutes ago and waiting for the coffee...not really awake but here I am.