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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

babysteps to adulthood, part deux

the clutch that doug ordered is *back ordered*. 8 weeks. then, he realized he cant install it himself, due to some logistics, and will need to hire someone. another 500$. so, first, he canceled the order-8 weeks is too long- and he is looking for someone who can get it in quickly. then, Brian(family friend, my first boyfriend actually LOL, who owns an auto body shop but is also a mechanic) will install it. first things first-hes installing doug's new driver's side window today. then, we can try to find the clutch he needs. how is this kid supposed to get another 500$ together? he paid 7g's for this damn car and can't drive it, can i admit that the older kids problems and financial issues overwhelm me at times? geesh!
i am painting a living room in a house for the next 3 days, maybe i can give him my pay from that. OY. i really wanted to start a bit of our Christmas shopping.
on a side note-Kristin's plane tickets to CR only cost 402.00$ NOT TOO SHABBY!!!!! that was a nice surprise, i slept well after hearing that. so.. some good news.
Ken is sad that she doesnt have school tomorrow.
Shawn still has a nose that runs like a faucet. yuck. but he seems to feel good.
the VA upped Uncle Tim's disability percentage after his exam last month, so he will collect more per month now, which he needs. more good news.
Jack is having a great month. his behavior just gets better and better and he seems so settled. whats going on? LOL. i should call and check in with his that hes in the resource room so much, hes happier, but doesnt get any homework. no challenge! easier on us? yes. do i think academics can ever come first in his life? NO WAY. but id like to see him have SOME responsibilities! it all just seems way too easy. just kinda weird, is all. i better call. he was supposed to dress up for the *boring* field trip( a math play?) yesterday, and he dressed like a homeless gangster instead. i blame Dad, i slept in!
i miss my husband. we never have any time, just us. we may go out tonight, just to take a ride and chat, but we'll have to take the roofing truck, Stella, since Courtney will be at school in my SUV. Stella is dirty and noisy and smelly. oh, well. i will take what i can get hee hee.
GOD, am i boring to read lately, or what? i will put my funny hat on for my next post k? be good!


Jeri said...

Don't rock the Jack boat! If he's anything like Alex..."it's better to appear bad than stupid" is 90% plus of his trigger. There is usually a lot of diversionary action to avoid work that he can't do or thinks he can't do. He'd rather be restrained than tackle multiplication! So, it is possible that Jackson will end up in a trade...not college. You know what, a lot of graduates are swapping sob stories these days of work being hard to find...whereas plumbers, electricians, etc. are running their butts off. What I think most of us want is for our sons and daughters to grow up to be decent and fairly happy people that are good to their significant other and to themselves. That they can hold a steady job, have a home and be good parents. So, enjoy the peace. I do get it though that we want more...we want them to keep reaching. Sometimes though, it's okay to just be. Those words of wisdom and about $1.50 will get you a coke. I am so obviously no expert. I guess I'm sayin' count your blessings...and you know what, honestly, it's good that things are good to the point that you're wanting more. Ahh heck, got a sinus headache and add that to old age brain fog and I'm sure none of this ramble is making sense.

ali said...

oh, i hear ya jacky, college?? LOLOLOLOL id be happy if he graduated highschool and had a clue how to roof houses with his dad. trust me, not asking for miracles. lol, oh dear.. college, you're so funny, girl we gotta get together! lol

ali said...

OOPS! meant to call you JERI! jacky walked into the room and i wrote his name down lol

Jules said...

I don't think you're boring at all!