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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

so much for promises

its blogger month. we are supposed to blog every day. i missed the first 2. over achiever , i am, huh?
lets see, what do i want to talk about? well, for starters, a kid i worked with back in the late 90's when i was a para professional in a middle school(RAD adoptee), stabbed a guy to death 2 days ago at a Halloween party. nice. the party was at the home of another emotionally disturbed student i worked with back then, and enjoyed working with. everyone said CF would eventually kill and he finally did. he will turn 24 in January. about a year ago, a friend's RAD(adopted) 19 year old son killed his grandfather, remember that? just creeps me out, ya know? thats all i want to say right now. i may go see him, if they'll let me. you can read the story here:

moving on:

we went to visit doug at his apartmentSunday night, its very nice. we had dinner, had a good time. hes doing well and is very happy right now.

courtney, long story short, got pissed off and left for a week, but took a break, thought things through and came back last week. she had become very overwhelmed with all the committments she'd made and her *fight or flight* inctincts went haywire, pretty much. she loves her job at Target and started college tonight. i hope shes ok. this is alot for a teenager like her to take on, all at once. she got bookoo financial aid! she needs a car so bad! we cant buy her one(hell, my 20 year old doesnt have a car! my 47 year old house mate doesnt either!) her parents cant buy her anything either. shes trying hard, i hope things come through for her soon. her uncle from Maine is trying to score her a ride :) sharing my truck with 3 other people really rots. but i dont mind. i ahve no life lol

jackson is in the process of trying out for the junior high basketball team. first cuts are tomorrow and hes excited and nervous! its nice to see him care about something. please, GOD, let him make the team! he could use the self esteem boost. and his grades will have to stay good too. hee hee. dangle the carrot!!!!

shawn is Mr. Comedian again this week. so funny. still coughing all.night.long.

Kendyl had a bad cold last week too, but is better. she had her first dentist appointment today! she did great! i took some cute pictures!

Kris has been officially accepted to the Costa Rica program. needs more cash. working on it! she will be away from jan. 8th til april 8th i think. She and K3 are doing great. if she doesnt marry him, I will!

the room rearrangement of '09 has been a HUGE success! all i have to do now is touch up the paint, paint some of the doors, and hang the blinds back up. almost there. all 3 kids are happy and jack is keeping it neat in there. he seems happier on the main floor. hes... different LOL

halloween was fun! pics to come.

wait.. what? you want to hear about ME? really? aw, shucks. you DO care. thanks!

ive been working on the 2 rooms, taking various kids to the dentist and doctor, raking leaves, raking leaves and.. um.. oh, yah, ...RAKING LEAVES. then i drag the leaves (and dog crap) out into the woods. over and over and over and over again. i'm 1/3 of the way there. i have nightmares about leaves. and poop.

this viral sore throat and never ending cough have been driving me insane for 5 weeks now. i really havent felt well-or slept well- in a long time. at night, i'm tired and cranky(at myself LOL). i stick to Facebook. havent felt like sharing on the blog much. sometimes too much to say, sometimes not enough. sometimes plenty, but nothing positive. but most days, i am happy that my kids like one other and encourage one another and enjoy the company of one another. im happy that im still in a great, fulfilling marriage(so many are not!) most days are good.
but i want more space. putting shawns bed and dresser in the new room freed up a big corner in my room! and the living room is now FREE OF TOYS for the first time in 4+ years. its SO FANTASTIC!!!!! the back yard is clean. the house is organized and somewhat neat. its all good.
i will put pics up later. hugs to you all!!!!


TheHappyNeills said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! i have yours in my reader...i like seeing your home improvement stuff, too!

jeri said...

Ask your doctor for Tesselon or Tesalon (not sure) pearls for your cough. I had a six week cycle of cough led to inflammation led to infection led to cough. This is what ended it and what I always ask for. And, yes, it's generic.

Mothering4Money said...

All your home improvement stuff is inspiring!

Hopefully your RADish will go a different route, a successful and safe one. Glad to hear he is doing better in the smaller bedroom. Hate that he didn't make the school team but know he will have a blast for the rec league.

Feel better soon. xoxo