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Monday, November 23, 2009

so difficult?

sometimes, they ARE. the dogs are up to 4 thousand pounds a piece. this list doesn't seem so insurmountable to me. i need to add a few rules, this list has been up for some time, as you can see.
1. keep your bodily functions to yourself. sharing isn't necessary or appreciated.
2. there is one TV and one toilet(during the half-bath demolition and re-model, anyway) for 9 people. find a way to forgive us. find other hobbies and use a tree when possible. we won't look.
3. even with 9 people, a double roll of Charmin every SIX HOURS is too much. cut back. think green. think TREE.
4.. "cuz" isn't an answer.
5. want more love? GIVE MORE.
7. the cuss can is up to $1.00 a cuss. suck it up. no freebies! no more I.O.Us!
8. the dog isn't a step stool and he doesn't like his nails painted. He told me. So stop. Please.
9. borrowing means you return it.
10. heckling the telemarketers only makes them call more often, not less. gimme a break, ok?
11. only love and kindness is shown in this house.
and take off your shoes!


Leslie said...

LOL--hang in there! A sense of humor counts for A LOT!!

Mothering4Money said...

Oh goodness the toilet paper issue bothers me too. I make everyone count squares. Not kidding. And every time we get a new kid I have to say "turn off the lights when you leave a room", "turn off your radio and fan when you leave the room", and "don't run the tap water the whole time you are brushing your teeth".

Nine people and one toilet ... do not envy you.

Poor doggies. lol