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Thursday, November 12, 2009


last year Yogi only had one request, of all of us, for his Christmas present. He wanted each of us to write a list of our Goals, Hopes & Dreams and present it to him Christmas Morning. Kristin, being the brown nosing, ass kissing suck up driven, organized, people pleasing, oldest child she is, not only wrote her list on time, but decorated it with stickers and glitter, designed a custom made envelope for it and delivered it in his stocking Christmas eve. geek. The rest of the family had issues with this assignment request. Me, because I despise authority. Doug, because he doesn't like writing. Jackson, because he couldn't put anything into words an has no very little self worth, and from an intellectual standpoint, the assignment request was over his head. Long story short, we failed. He claimed, at the time, that his feelings were not hurt, but i still wonder, so this year, I'm hoping to rally the troops again, bribe encourage the children into getting their lists made and surprise their Daddy with a whole slew of personal lists on The Big Day. Over the last 12 months he has mentioned the lists in passing, especially mine, and seems to very much still want them. Usually, when Yogi makes a request, the kids jump on it because they love to make him happy. yah..i know, right? pimp! but this was different. It was difficult. It took effort. Big effort. I personally, was afraid to come out looking selfish and my mental list(hey, i got that far!) was looking like a big list of *I WANT*s, or "stuff you've never done for me", and I didn't want it to come off that way. He is the hardest working, most driven, goal oriented guy I've ever met in my entire life. When you pull up to our small house you would never know that, but it's the truth. Nobody tries harder to succeed, personally or professionally. I have expressed this apprehension to him, and he says its doesn't matter. Yogi says,
I will try to keep this in mind while i compile my list for him. some whining may occur in the coming weeks. be ready.
Don't most husbands just want a big screen TV??????

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