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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

updates and other

All is well, Yogi is resting comfortably, trying not to over do. He's bored but handling this better than I thought he would. He is not one to sit around. He still has a Dumbo ear and looks beat up on his face, neck, back & head, but feels pretty good. I, however, woke up with some viral crud today and fought insane nausea and splitting headache It was not fun trying to take care of him, myself and Shawn. I dropped Kendyl at school at 9, fighting a sick stomach the whole way, ( I even managed a cute dress and hair clippies.. on her, not me LOL)then Court picked her up at school for me at 1. Then my Mom came for a visit, huge surprise! she's allowed to drive now! she looked great and brought donuts lol. The kids had fun with her and I showed her the 2 bedrooms we've been working on. She even helped me make my bed! (Shawn had peed through his clothes, yet again). Then I started to feel really ill while she was here and fell asleep on the couch. Um....oops? she understands. I just hope I didn't expose her to any serious crud.
Our doctor called. Kendyl & Shawn can have H1N1 immunizations Saturday morning, so we signed them up for 9am. then, all 3 youngest kids will have both flu shots done. At first we had said NO WAY but people in our town are getting sooooo sick with this flu. There are too many people in this house to deal with this on such a huge level. It would look & feel like a war zone. I hope I don't regret this decision.

Doug & Tim finished the roof -the one Yogi fell off of -today. Looks great. he messed up tore off some of the siding on his way down, and trashed some scraggly trees, but they told us we can repair that when we come back to do the garage roof in the spring. The blood will wash away on it's own, right? LOL ...All is OK.

People are so good to us. Our friend Cheryl, a chef, brought us some AMAZING muffins. He's received cards, notes, flowers and phone calls all day, every day. The cookbook committee ladies, who all adore him, and the contractor counter folks at the Home Depot have checked in on him several times. He's feelin' the love from all over and it feels good. Anyone who meets him, loves him. He's like the guy in the Martina McBride song. He's just that good lol
Jackson's voice is so deep that it's almost creepy. It's deeper than Doug's and he's 6'4! Freaky huh? Maybe he's an alien! He's currently all excited about the school dance on Friday night. Hes getting brave and dancing in front of classmates now!. he's amazing. he's rehearsing for his "the jerk" dance(some hip hop dance hes learning)
Speaking of Dougalou... At drill this past weekend he received his final deployment orders. He says I'm not allowed to give any specifics, but suffice it to say, the details he shared absolutely terrify me. The good part is that he & Ben, his room mate and current arch nemesisbest friend, will be TOGETHER at their location. Jay leaves for good next week, he's an infantryman, and he's being stationed in a totally different middle eastern location. I'm hoping to get photos of the 3 of them together this week while Jay is back home for the week. Anyway, from here on, I will refer to Doug & Ben's war location as *BAND CAMP*(we all just voted on the name, T & Courtney liked *THE HOOD* better, but Yogi won)
I still feel like turd so I'm going to go chill. I just put kids to bed and should be cleaning, but I need a rest.
Thank you all for checking in with my cartoon character, thank you for caring!


Jeri said...

So glad to hear how Yogi is improving...been praying for him and you for calm because if it's us that's hurt, heck, we can handle that but if it's our kids or hubby, especially an accident like that, I'm sure you were livin' on the edge.

My husband and I already got ours (both have asthma...his much worse than mine)but Hannah had a sore throat and they wouldn't give it to her. Know what you mean about the H1N1 and our kids but when I weighed against the fact that very healthy kids are going from fine to ventilators in 48 hours, that convinced me.

Hope your crud goes away quickly and that no one else gets it in your family. Good to hear your mom is up and about. Take care.

Shea said...

I am so glad that Yogi is doing better. I hope you feel better soon!

Rose Anne said...

Thank God that Yogi is okay!!
I just read that post all I can say is WoW!!!
I have had to get creative because Saul can not get anymore shots( that is what cause that scare right after he came home)
So I have been giving him Vitamin C and 800IU of vitamin D-3. Lots of hand washing and things like that....
Praying that get rid of the Crude!
God Bless,
Rose Anne