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Monday, November 9, 2009

baby steps to adulthood

Doug & Kayleigh in May
poor louie lou.. he just cant catch a break. his apartment building is in the woods, but that didn't stop some losers from smashing his car window thismorning. luckily, the car alarm scared them off before they were able to steal his very pricey stereo equipment, but he keeps saying "why me?" . bad luck seems to follow Doug wherever he goes, not a great pattern for a kid about to go off to war. Uncle Tim lent him the money to get it fixed, as doug had just spent his last 500$ on a new clutch for the car, and didn't have any left to replace the window. all of our money is tied up with the Costa Rica thing coming up. without the loan, Doug would have had to sleep in the car until it was fixed so that he wouldn't have the stereo stolen. He's sleeping here, where the car will be safe, tonight and getting the window replaced in the morning. Poor Louie. he has Army drill all weekend and will pay Uncuh back next week. why can't life be easier for these guys? the girls can't afford cars at all, and Doug's, although a nice car, is a constant expense and source of problems. he sure is on the fast track, as far as learning some independent living skills go, way more than the college kids are learning. college is a cushy Barbie Dream Date compared to sharing an apartment with a pile of teenage friends!

anyway, I'm craving cake.


Jeri said...

After being a "non-traditional" student in college (I started when my daughters were in first grade) and witnessing so many of the kids...cause I don't care if they were eighteen, by and large, especially guys, were kids still. No appreciation of the sacrifices family made to get them there...I wish it were mandatory for all students to work for a year or two before beginning college. There would have to be exceptions like those rare souls that are actually mature when they graduate. Paying my own way, I so appreciated the privilege of being able to go to college. Case in point: as a math phobic I took intro to Algebra as I had not taken it in high school in the olden days...was assigned a tutor as HIS punishment (lovely) for creating a a blow torch in his dorm with an aerosol can and lighter...daddy was a doctor but he was on a full ride scholarship as a basketball player and a complete a$$. Probably somebody's gyno these days in San Antonio....ick. So, yeah, long comment short....your son is getting life experience and when he comes home, let the GI bill pay his way if he chooses college and he will appreciate it.

Mothering4Money said...

let them eat cake

sorry, couldn't resist