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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Promise

well, i promised I'd post every day(every day is TWO WORDS, PEOPLE!) in November, so I am determined to keep my word, but BEWARE, the crap is oozing. the hormones are flowing. this could get ugly!
there's only so much that can be said in a public forum. anybody can read this. anywhere. i have let that edit my words and thoughts at times. But not today!(lucky you, huh??) here's my brain dump:

1. Even country music has gone down the crapper. "save a horse, ride a cowboy" ??? do you honestly think i want to -or should have to-explain that to my kids? yup, i know... "lighten up!" ya know what? NO! total shit.

2. i dont know you. you dont know me. dont approach me at a basketball practice and tell me that because of what happened at Fort Hood today, i have no right to be dissapointed that my son was cut from a school basketball team. i am well aware of what happened today. you have no idea what i have been consumed with all day in my thoughts. you also know nothing about my son. oh, you live over in Pooptown? what's that, you say? you're only here because your nasty divorce forces you to visit your son in another town? that much child support? really? I DON'T GIVE A RATS ASS! neither does the woman i am sitting with, who's IN TEARS because son was cut too, and is very sad that his DYING FATHER wont get to watch him play on the school team before he EXPIRES. oh, but you already know that, because you butted in on our conversation, remember? Don't let the double doors hit you on the ass on your way out! in the end, we charmed the pants off the guy and made a new friend.. but GEEZE! he actually said to us "this town seems full of stuck up people." yah.. we are 2 of them. so beat it! LOL. he was laid off in May and admits hes home too much, thinks too much and is consumed with world news and events. hes ok. i will call him CHUMP and will report on him weekly from now on. stay tuned.

3. To A Certain Someone Who Reads My Blog Regularly:
pardon me for being a bit paranoid and *self absorbed*. since March i have been the perverbial punching bag and scapegoat in this whole matter. i'm not being self absorbed, i'm being realistic and going on gut instinct, which in the end, thus far, always turns out to be correct. well, most of the time, anyway. i missed quite a bit of info, i will admit. if the Kryptic Kode KoobFace message wasn't meant for me, but was meant for T.A.F(or the spouse of that person, or anyone else), how hard would it have been to call me and say, "wasn't meant for you or anyone in your house"? or maybe add that to the message in some way? i mean, go back and read it! what would you have thought, if you were me? the whole thing could have been avoided, but no worries. the End Connection button on KoobFace is so convenient. please use yours liberally. wish i had one in my heart and mind that i could push, but, oh well. I quit. regardless of what any outsider thinks or assumes, i have nothing to feel guilty about and am tired of the extra baggage that this entire episode has put on me, my spouse and my extended family, some of whom are reading those messages too, and asking me if it is me you are upset with. enough is enough. i do agree with you, regardless of who you were speaking to, that the I'M SORRY part has to stop. its over. you ended it, so let it go! but don't drag it to KoobFace! anyway, be well.

4. to the ass hat in the handicap space at the grocery store this morning-shame on you! i had to help that broken guy into and out of the dang store and to and from his truck! he was so humiliated! poor dude only needed milk and cant afford convenience store price.

ok, i'm almost done. phew. i feel better. thanks! hang in there, im getting to the good stuff.

5. the house we wanted to rent? too many of us. um... its a 3 thousand square foot home with 6 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and 3 baths. who do you think is going to apply? BIG FAMILIES! DUH! good luck renting it to a family with one kid and no pets. no, really. good luck with that. now that we've moved the kids around and doug has his own place, the house seems more spacious. we're ok here. thanks anyway. (except NOT)

now for the good stuff!
My RADlet son didn't make the school basketball team, unreal competition in Class L schools, but he handled the disappointment very well and started practices for his town rec team last night. that's when i met CHUMP. anyway, the new coach said "i'm so excited! i've wanted jackson on my team for 5 years and i finally got him!" and gave him a high five to die for. boy, that helped. hes a young guy, with sexy finger waves, the next generation of a huge family i grew up with, The Tenhaves. great family. they attended our church when i was a kid. hes a cute kid.

the youngest 2 Crawford's bedroom is done and is it ever cute. i am so pleased with the final result. it's so gratifying. the 2 men helped me so much and i love them for it. i am so blessed to have them in my life. i do not take it for granted. i know. i get it. i do. it's ok if you're jealous LOL
just need another window blind and a little more paint on some doors.

Jackson's Gotcha Day was fun for him, i hope. he got the chinese food take out he craved and was thrilled to go to his first practice of the season. he was begging that clock to go faster! also, 7th & 8th grade basketball practices are later in the evening, 7-9, so he gets to stay up late on Thursdays now. big deal for him! damn, that wet bed though. UGH. will it EVER end? ever? really?

my mom is doing so fantastic! recovery is going so well. shes moving around very well. i tend to visit her on Friday mornings, but shawn's cold is too yucky to expose her to right now. we may see her Monday or something. soon as he's better.

jackson has been invited by our PCP to get an H1N1 immunization tomorrow morning. i think we'll do it. why not atleast make one kid immune? im waiting for a call from PID to let me know if they want him to have it. not sure! the 3 youngest have had regular flu shots. yogi wants one, but is on a waiting list. he had the worst time last year!

Courtney has settled back in nicely. positive actions and words, learning to argue appropriately and think of others feelings. we work on this daily with most of the kids anyway, so its not like shes singled out lol. she gets it. i just wish i had a place for her! she has kristin's room, but when kris comes home, courtney is stuck "couchin' it" LOL. soon, kris will go to study abroad for 17 weeks so.. she'll have her own space for a bit. she loves her job at Target and is really enjoying her college classes so far! this is HUGE for her.

since youre all chicks:
40 rots so far! my cycles are so screwy and weird. nuff said. i hate it! waaaaa.
wait... supposed to be telling the good stuff.....

but i think thats it for now. other than some sniffles, sfuffies, all-night-cough parties and oozies we are all healthy. no flu like stuff. we have done well so far. all 9 of us. im using hand sanitizer for the first time in my life and cleaning more, using disinfectant a lot.. i hope we can keep it AWAY. no swines allowed here!
i hope you are all healthy and well! thanks, if you read this far LOL

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Jules said...

I have no idea what #3 means but I'm glad to hear things are going well on your end. I really enjoy reading your more frequent posts :)