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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Jerk

The Jerk never happened tonight. My jerk was too jerky turkey to go to a school dance and perform The Jerk for his peers. he was too busy jerking and quirking and teasing kids in the resource room, to the point of turning his desk around to avoid being *looked at* by an *ugly girl* in his class. He couldn't let it go there, though. Nooooooooo. As class was letting out he went out of his way to walk by her and tell her that if she looked at him again, he was going to *smack her*. Nice huh? Isn't he charming? Don't you want him over for dinner? Afterall, he can jerk, ya know. The principal called to let me know that not only had The Jerk Jackson been kept in for lunch time detentions twice last week for disrupting that class, he really nailed his own coffin today by threatening the smack down of The Ugly Girl. I think he's embarrassed to be in the resource room, embarrassed to be at an even lower math level than some of the kids in the class, so he acts LIKE A JERK innappropriately to cover it up. So, in addition to the after school detention his teacher handed down today because of more disruptions, the principal is keeping him for an hour and a half, 2 days in a row, next week as well, for the Criminal Threatening Towards The Ugly Girl. Just long enough to send him into boredom psychosis. Perfection. He also must walk home from these detentions, because that's the rule. When you screw up enough to earn an after school detention, you walk home. 4 miles. I hope it snows.
He also brought home a less than stellar report card today, but had made all the stuff from the teacher and principal dissappear. (The kid still thinks I'm a dummy head.) All A's B's and a few C's at progress report time, now 1 A, 4C's and a D. Outstanding!
Makes for a terrific weekend huh?
Oh, to top it allllllllllllll off, I haven't been sleeping well since Yogi's accident and I am having recurring dreams regarding that day and Doug's impending trip to Band Camp*. I may need to drug myself heavily to get though the winter! Hoping time will ease all this stuff, usually does. why can't anxiety just kill my appetite instead???????????????



Jeri said...

Honey, if anxiety truly killed appetites, I'd be a size 2. Sad fact: our brains have trained our bodies to adapt to anxiety or we would be dead. Sounds to me like Jackson had some anxiety of his own and found his way out of dancing in front of friends (and some that aren't) but he did it in a way that no one can call him chicken. Sounds exactly like something my son would do. You've all been through such a traumatic week...remember, tomorrow is a new day and next week is a new, walk home four miles two times week. Hang in there and I swear by the nightime p.m. medicines for pain (Tylenol and Benadryl combo) for sleep.

Jody said...

I love the comment about anxiety curbing the appetite...i just eat