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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

emotionally drained

life throws you curves. sometimes, when you say "life is just going too well right now!", you should SHUT YOUR MOUTH. I know I should have. Yesterday started off like any other Monday. I drove by the job site on the way to drop kendyl off at school and we honked and waved to all the boys up on the roof. My husband looked and waved and blew me a kiss as we passed. A crystal ball would have really come in handy at that moment. the morning had gone poorly and I wanted a DO OVER. When i arrived back home, my foster dog from hell Keyra, had tipped the trash can over and made a huge colossal mess all over the kitchen and down the hall. I love coffee grounds. Then I noticed that the washing machine is still leaking, even after the boys had replaced the pump just 2 weeks ago. 30 loads a week, what can we expect, right? I patted the washer on the head, told him it was gonna be OK, and started searching through boxes of Jackson's clothes because a friend needs them for her son. None of the lights would work in the storage room, I couldn't find some of what I wanted, Shawn had his 3rd bout of diarrhea, then my phone rang. Yogi had fallen off the roof and landed ON HIS HEAD.

I was told he was out cold. It was hard to think straight. i packed a quick bag, tossed Shawn into the truck and went straight there, only half a mile away. He looked ashen and starry eyed. Tim helped me get him into the truck and I took him to the ER in the city next to us. He was in and out the whole way, moaning and telling me weird stuff one minute, then making total sense the next. It's amazing how fast people move when you tell them your passenger just fell off a roof! we had valet parking take the truck, 2 guys put Yogi into a wheelchair and zoomed us down the hall while i carried Shawn and the diaper bag. They got him in instantly, put him on a backboard, braced his neck, inserted an IV and yelled at me for not calling an ambulance. I was so nervous, it didn't even occur to me! After his neck/spine scan came back clear, we all relaxed. He was totally with it by that point, but still kept insisting he had never blacked out. 3 people told me he had been OUT at the scene lol. He told us the ladder slipped, all the scaffolding came down, he nailed the aluminum plank(with his head) and dented it on the way down, then landed on a big board on the ground, which really hurt and knocked the wind out of him. Doug heard commotion and found his Dad laying there. Yogi just kept telling the Doc and nurse it hurt to breathe. All of a sudden, Yogi's baby brother walked in and Yogi cried a little bit. He grabbed his hand and then felt better. He adores his brother. X rays couldn't find any broken bones, so they sent us home with just a head injury, bruising, contusions, he's covered in black and blues, scrapes, a big swollen ear, a bloody head with a huge egg on it and swollen, "jarred" organs that hurt. They told him he'd hurt more today, and he does. He slept Ok overnight, considering. His neck hurts a lot, he's having lots of trouble moving around and we are just loving on him all we can. Kristin took the news hard, she always does, but fels much better now that she knows he will be OK. Vicodin is amazing stuff, by the way. So is health insurance! We are thankful and it will be a wonderful, restful, Thanksgiving this year. We dodged a HUGE bullet back in March, and now this. Is GOD trying to tell me something? i don't feel like I take him for granted, I count my blessings every day, I give him tons of attention, he knows I love him to pieces... I don't like thinking about how I would live without him. I don't want to think about it. There have been lots and lots of careful hugs. We were having a great month, as far as finances go, too... I hope come out of this mess OK. But I don't really care. He's safe. He's home. He's in one piece. Thanks, Big Guy.
Can i have chocolate now?


Mothering4Money said...

OMG! How freaking scary. I'm glad he is alright but good grief that was too close of a call. Hope your Tuesday is much better than your Monday. xoxo

Mike and Katie said...

I'm glad he's alright. How scary for you!

Brenda said...

I can't even imagine. I'm praying he heals quickly. ((((((((hugs)))))))