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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

woe is RAD

RAD child has no lunch money left in his account at school. interesting since i sent a huge check that should cover us until MARCH. he claims he only gets the basic lunch, no extras. Dad knew he was full of it, i tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, since hes in the junior high this year and all the food is in one line, as opposed to several. i called in confusion and lack of skills. I called the school-Dad is right. Jackson receives a reduced lunch price of 40 cents. hes spending $2.50 a day, on average. he was told that those items were extra and that his parents would flip, (why didnt they CALL ME???)but he kept right on going until he had to admit he was out of money. at the old school, they would call me when he was down to 4$, because they know hes a goober. at this school-nothing. after he ate 4 plates of dinner last night, after a 2.5 hour detention, i knew something was up and got him to admit his account was empty and they wouldnt feed him any lunch. also, at the old school, if you snet in a check, the kid could only get basic lunch. not at this place. hes been having a blast! so.. now there is a comment on his account. "class A lunch only, No extras. No double lunch". she also called down to his teacher to tell him he could get a lunch today, and i will send a check on Monday. you cant not feed a RAD kid, even when you are trying to make a point, its damaging. So-now that we know he willfully, knowingly took advantage, what's the appropriate consequence?

He will receive cash gifts for Christmas, I think we should charge him the difference. that's my vote. do any of you have any clever, hip, "teachable moment" ideas?*

*if one of you tells me to have him go find me a pretty leaf, Im gonna FLIP A TABLE!


kristin and kate! said...

i agree with you--make him pay the difference! maybe even make him pay for his lunch next semester...that way he'll hopefully value the money supply more? also, shun him for eternity.

Jeri said...

Brown baggin' for the rest of the year and he has to make it within preset guidelines. Or, have him go find a pretty leaf....wait for it....and about a zillion of its pretty friends and start baggin'. Hey lady, put that table down!

Christine said...

I like the brown bag idea.

No, I LOVE the brown bag idea.

Puts it all on him. In fact, you can agree ahead of time on what should/could go in those lunches, and it's also up to him to let you know what is running out and what he'll need. YOU get to say, "Well, that loaf of bread should have lasted a week. I'll be happy to buy you more this weekend, though!"


Shea said...

I agree for him to carry his lunch. Make him pack it. We have had this problem with our 7 year old too. I just found out she was eating 2-3 breakfasts each day. At 75 cents a piece and lunch, it was adding up! I also buy pop tarts, cereal,s etc. I feel so guilty because she is skinny anyway. I really don't know what to do. But when we run low and can't afford to send in money because she way over spent, I make her pack a lunch.

Jody said...

Hi Ali,
Hadn't read in a while...this parenting boy stuff is som much bigger than my girls..I don't have any advice..but I need it! Going to buy another self help parenting book though....we do let kids buy two days a week (with limits-lunch people know our boys:) ...brown bag the rest of the week...compromise..last week boys forgot their lunches.. (I think they didn't like the lunch meat that we had..) They bought their own and paid me back...good luck!

Kellie said...

I'm a new reader! I had this happen with one of my sons (with ADD) and he was seemingly buying rounds of chocolate milk for the 5th graders! I called the school, because of course they didn't call ME, and told them to get rid of his school lunch swipe card (not sure how your district does it. Each child has a lunch card to swipe that deducts from their account). From then on, he had to bring daily money with him. No cash, no lunch.
ANyway, I will read up on your blog! I'm in NH too with 4 bios/1 adopted/1 foster. :)