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Sunday, November 15, 2009

this week in pictures

could he be any cuter?

does this kid have fashion hipster sense OR WHAT???? i see a career.

these 2 love play dough. shawn calls it "dee-oh"

you have NO IDEA the delight this picture brings me, unless you have been reading my blog for over a year. i still suffer post traumatic stress over our 7 day power outage and family uprooting in dec. of 08. NEVER AGAIN! you can read about that crazy storm, and the aftermath, here.

Courtney modeled eagerly too and is very excited about the fact that her cell phone and hair straightener can be plugged in LOL

these to guys are attached at the hip. their relationship is so sweet to watch. they have a schtik, a comedy routine every day.. i cant explain it but i wish i could get avideo of it and post it on here. SO CUTE. every night he says "i love you, Gunkuh" when he kisses him goodnight. kids can never have too many adults to love them in their life.

we ordered 10 of these for uncle tim to mail out. think he'll like them? its a surprise.


Mothering4Money said...

He will enjoy them.

Love the flag pic.

Hows the cookbook thing going?

harmonysong said...

Heard about your husband's fall from your friend Erin. Will be praying for healing. I think you are in my area- Southern, NH. I am sure he is in great hands at Southern or St. Joe's hospital.