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Thursday, December 3, 2009


i havent been a good girl about blogging! that whole "blog every day in November" thing was HARD . i did pretty well though, until the holiday came. Speaking of that- we pulled it off! Yogi, T Dawg & Lil' Ol' Me pulled those guests pants down and spanked 'em with our amazing feast. not much to report as far as that goes , other than the fact that after they ate-they all left. hhmm. i thought Thankgiving was an all day thing. Guess not. ah, well. we finally finished the leftovers and it's on to bigger things.

I've been walk/run/climbing on my treadmill every day and am really trying to focus on my fat self more, and I am proud to report that I am back down under the 230 mark for the first time since, i think, early 07. I'm hoping to be running full time in 3 months-we shall see! I'd really like to be able to say i stuck to it. now, portion control? work in progress lol but actually, getting the hang of it(my biggest downfall-healthy eating but BIG portions) wish me luck or pray or do whatcha gotta do, k? thanks!

Jackson is on the down side of the roller coaster this week. he stole all the little Nestle Quicks out of the basement fridge, the one we used to lock with a padlock. time to lock it up again, i guess. they are for Kendyl's lunch at pre school. jack can get chocolate milk with lunch every day, no extra charge. Did it just to hurt her, nothing new. Mr. Sense Of Entitlement. then he & Christian, the kid I dont want him hanging out with anyway, had a visit from police for something Christian had done, jackson witnessed and did NOTHING to stop. long story, but they were trying to get 2 other neighborhood kids to "leave them alone and not "stalk"(follow) them" when they were headed to another kids house because the other 2 kids are "immature"(ROFLMAO!) and they didnt want them with them. the house they were headed to, they had NO permission to be at and the house is full of teenage girls who's parents were at work. NO THANK YOU. Christian finally punched the kid's face and kicked his chest. Here come the cops. even though jackson didnt hit anybody, i feel he was very involved. jerk. then, a few nights ago, Jackson was being very rude to me while i was helping him with his homework. Yogi finally pulled him out of his chair, dragged him to his room and tossed him on his bed. as he walked out the door, Jackson jumped up and kicked my husband in his back, which is still very banged up. then he claimed yogi "kicked him first" ( nice try!) then he threatened to kill us, yaaawwwwwnnn old news, kiddo. get on with it, will ya? i'm so tired! so anyway, then he walks out the door barefooted, in 43* rain, and takes off. (um.. BYE??? Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out?)after an hour i sent Doug & Ben to find him. they did. sigghhh. walked in with this smug look on his face, and frozen feet, i assume. if he was(were?) my only child i would have let it go all night, but I don't need DCYF here. then, he woke up the next morning just fine, Mr. Passive Aggressive. then, at 1 o'clock thismorning, the cops were at my door because Jackson was wandering the streets in black clothing and hiding behind trees and running every time they got close to him. they think he was out the night before too.(thanks for the heads up!) I thanked the kind officer and sent him on his way. Cop was peeved that I wasn't freaked out. idiot.

where from here? we cant afford an alarm system. i sleep upstairs. i sleep with a toddler and a loud fan. do your thing- but dont call me to bail your ass out either! Today, after his own dentist appointment, we had a somewhat rational conversation on the ride home and I told him that if he can't sleep and he wants to take a midnight stroll, he needs to wake us up and talk to us before he leaves. He shook on it. snort.

anyhoo... um.. Kendyl had a tiny cavity at her appointment and i was was nervous about her having it filled, but it went great! phew. Kendyl, shawn & jackson all got the H1N1 mist. oh, the fringe benefits of living with HIV infected kids. so now a whole bunch of them have had flu vaccines, i hope it helps.

shout out to my new friend Kellie!

since I turned 40, Ive become so... passive aggressive myself and quite.. uh.. assertive? i think Yogi & Tim are annoyed, but too bad. Doug owes them both money and cant pay it back, and they are both treating him like a red headed step child. stop lending it! the kid had a blown tire, a broken driver's side window(vandalism. in NH! i know, right?) and Tim offered to lend him the cash for it. then doug lost his part time job. what's he supposed to do? i know the kid isn't exactly perfect, but why don't you kick a guy when hes down? its a long, boring story, but suffice it to say, Tim and I (mostly I) had a HUGE loud argument on the front lawn today. what Tim fails to realize, is that HE took Dougs room when he moved in here 1 year ago. when Doug's roomy kicks him out, and he comes back here, TIM will be the one sharing/giving up his room! NOT ME! we are all broke, i get that, but DONT PERPETUATE THE SITUATION! dont take the kid's last 50$!(which he did) i bought Doug a Black Friday Mini Notebook for his birthday this weekend, and i dont want him to be tempted to sell it. I bought it for him to take to Band Camp* with him in September. hes not a druggie or a loser, hes just... a late bloomer, a bit immature.. and i agree to be tough on him but this is rediculous. you dont want to be shafted-then dont lend it in the first place! I love Tim, and I realize nobody else was going to lend him the money, but i am DONE. D-O-N-E done. It may be time for him to find his own place and buy his own vehicle. My son has to come first. the basement is all I have and the kid needs it. Tim has a steady income. It also isnt fair to Yogi to be put in the middle, and he's feeling it! i love Tim, my kids love him, my husband loves him & i don't know what to do :(

it was 65* and sunny today, December 3rd in New England. After my workout, we took a walk and spent most of the day outside, barefooted and in T shirts, so i wrote this post a little at a time throughout the day and during naptime, so i apologize if my thoughts seem scattered. well, more than usual, anyway. I didn't feel like taking any pictures, i don't know why. Instead, we jumped on the trampoline and threw rocks into the sewer drains. BLISS.

Shawn Alan is talking up a storm and is he so funny to listen to with his little gestures and dimples and everything. i need to get some video.

so far, friends and family are reporting that they liked our Christmas card! It's dang cute.

have any of you listened to the Susan Boyle CD? I LOVE IT. she's my BFF now.

i still have the windows open. just sayin'.

Yogi and Jackson are at basketball practice. I'm the softie? no doubt! AS IF!

I'm craving pizza. Fawn, stop laughing.

Do i really have to put the air filled Christmas Tigger on the front lawn? really?

the t shirt launcher i ordered from E Bay never shower up. I'm starting to think it's for the best.

Jay (pseudo son, age 21)leaves for Band Camp* on the 8th. He came over last night so I could take some photos of the 3 boys together, one last time, before he left. He's infantry, so I'm concerned for his safety. I told him he better come home to us. he promised. His baby girl is due April 14th. He better come home. I will post the pics after some editing.(oy, i stink!)

ok, this is getting long and winded. I know there were a few other things I wanted to bring up, but I'm stuck for now.
I will try to post more this week. December is SO BUSY!



adoptyaroslav said...

I am so with you on the eating huge portions of healthy foods, being under 230 for the first time in a long time, and trying to get in my walking/running/bike riding every day. Hope to be back to running 30+ minutes a day as soon as I can afford a new pair of running shoes. Oh yeah, and the being broke part, too.


Jules said...

Awesome to hear about the treadmill. Stick with it, you will be amazed how much it helps with stress too.

Hobo gangster! Poor Yogi -- what did he do when Jackson kicked him in the back?

Mothering4Money said...

Nothing wrong with assertive!

Justju said...

what's a t-shirt launcher?