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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


isnt that the coolest trophy EVER?
to top it off, playoffs started last night in the rain, jackson hit a great line drive single, reached 2nd on a balk call on the pitcher, stole 3rd and stole home! he also had a walk, a strike out(on a lousy pitch below the knees @@ only his 4th S.O. of the whole season) and another single. he also got the save as the closing pitcher with a strike out and 2 pop flies(caught). faced only the 3 batters in the save. coach agreed with me and said hes never seen him looks so strong, so the daily 80 pitches to his dad in the back yard is really working for him. pitchers have to throw every day, now i know. he is very happy with himself right now and the daily throwing gave him lots of confidence. he told me he wasnt even nervous! they won it 4-0 and play against a stronger team on Thursday night. jackson is the starting pitcher i think. i took a short(crappy) video of the win, but have NO IDEA how to put it on here. he flexed for us last night after his shower and has these rippling back muscles and big guns on his throwing side. hes really growing up.
on a side note, while he was showing us some skin i noticed one of his areolas is HUGE and swollen like an 11 year old girl. whats up with that???? he says it doesnt hurt and has been that way for months. weird!
will write more tonight if i can, i know youre on the edge of your seat!


Shea said...

Sounds like he had a great game! By the way, you suck for getting em addicted to texts from last night, I just submitted one.l

Justju said...

How awesome for Jack! Way to go!! As for the swollen areola, maybe it's a puberty thing that guys sometimes get? Who knows...congrats again to Jackson!

Mike and Katie said...

Yeah! How wonderful for Jackson!