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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

200 facts about me: continued

66. i don't like shell fish. i like fish that swim.
67. for 20 years i raised fish. i love having an aquarium. i dont have the space here and i miss it so much. Id love to have a fish pond outdoors, but i am terrified of a kid drowning in it. Libby has one. i'm jealous.
68. in 1974 i nearly lost my eye by falling on the corner of a coffee table, so thats why i have never owned one in my adult life.
69. i love showers. i take 2 every day.
70. i get excited when the mail comes.
71. i love sunflowers
72. i can rollerskate
73. my Father's Mother's Mother lived to be 106 1/2. she was Native Canadian and was born in a teepee on march 11th 1900.
74. i can't whistle no matter how hard i've tried to learn.
75. if someone refuses to learn to speak English i have very little respect for them.
76. i used to call myself pro-choice. not now.
77. i hate going to the gyno. it's been a while. bad, i know.
78. i love music, but concerts are too crowded for me so i dont go.
79. when i go pick up or drop off at the college, it makes me wish i went.
80. Forest Gump is still my favorite movie of all time, with Green Mile as a close second.
81. we used to be foster parents.
82. all 4 of the kids i had since birth have very complete, special baby books and photo albums. i tried very hard. jacksons is the best i can do with what i had. his wife will like it, i think.
83. i save ticket stubs to ball games and plays.
84. i have seen RENT 4 times and am going again in July.
85. i loved My Fair Lady. seen it many times!
86. i secretly wish i was short. being tall sucks.
87. my feet are HUGE(size 10.5)
88. sometimes i want to go on a cruise vacation by myself for 2 weeks. i'd never get off the ship, id just hang out at sea. Yogi can come. nobody else.
89. i love cereal and peach oatmeal.
90. my favorite thing when i was a kid was the tire swing out in the woods behind our house.
91. i hate being told what to do. DESPISE IT. cant stand authority.
92. i want to go back to Haiti soon.
93. when i turned 30, we had a party and 40 seemed soooo farrrr awayyyyyyyyy. i was thin that day. the gas grill melted the siding on our rented house lol.
94. i think Christmas is stressful, too expensive and way too much pressure. if i could back out of all of it and get away with it, i would. these kids need NOTHING and there is very little space for trees, gifts...... in '06 we took a cruise instead. was BLISS. i wanna do that again!
95. i love yellow roses too.
96. i now enjoy hot sauce and garlic very much.
97. i love driving an SUV.
98. i am a Republican
99. if Yogi shaved all his facial hair, i dont think hed look cute to me anymore. i like facial hair(on men LOL)
100. i like nice teeth. i look too.
half way there!

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Lucky-1 said...

I've been doing genealogical research on our family for a couple of weeks thru and have bad news - Grammy Amy was born in Stowe, VT in 1899. No tee-pee or nothing, her dad's name was Winfield. Glad I didn't get the damn Blackfoot tattoo yet! I will email you results when I am more finished with the research.