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Monday, June 1, 2009

my 200th blog post!

My friend Erin says that your 200th blog post is some big milestone. i don't feel any different, but i guess i should post something riveting, exciting and worth reading huh?
heres the weird part? ya ready? ok.
i got up today and said to myself, "self? i wonder how many times i have blogged over these 2.5 years(with a huge break in there along the way). hmmm. i should check because Erin says your 200th is some kinda big deal.... i wonder how close i am!" so.. i added them up and it came to 199. i added it 3 more times cuz that was freaky. it came to 199 all 4 times. aren't i weird? thats almost as weird as mothering4money's cat story! she posted about it about a month ago in her "weird things about me" post or some such thing. you should check it out. its COOL. her blog is on my list to your right. hey! was that a shout out? i think it was! anyway...sometimes i dream about things happening and then they happen. every time i am about to call someone(especially Libby) as i grab my phone to dial, the phone rings and its her. every.single.time. she's gotten used to me being, as she calls it, "spingley". sometimes i am WAY WRONG though. last year i called Libby because i kept dreaming that her oldest son had an accident with water. she told me he was on a boat at that very moment. she called him to checked on him & told him to be careful because Onnie Ali was feeling spingley. nothing ever happened. so being wrong can be good. but sometimes it sucks bad. last month her other twin son was attacked by a dog and i never saw that coming. so... duh!
how did this post end up so abnormal?
ok so i'm remodeling my half bathroom upstairs. i subbed out the wallpaper removal to frick & frack(doug & ben). they wanted to earn Domino's Pizza. the effort was pretty good but WHAT A FRIKKIN MESS! i'm still trying to clean it up. we had some water damage in there this winter when the roof leaked
yes, my husband is a roofer... stop laughing!
and once i pulled off the crown molding i realized that the ceiling will need to be replaced, afterall. MOLD. i hate mold. it makes me stuffed up and my eyes all watery.
so the job keeps getting bigger but i'm ready for it. i cannot wait to paint in there & put in new fixtures. why was everything mauve in the 80's???????? DAMN.
what else?
oh- jack has 3 more baseball games. his team is 9 & 2!!!!!! he has NEVER been on a great team and this has been fun. both losses were by only ONE run too.. UGH.
Yogi will be 46 on Saturday. i will be 40 the following Tuesday. all i wanted was my floor so i am happy. He wants corn beef & cabbage boiled dinner(YUCK) so Tim is handling that request. it will be a very cakey week though! lots of yummy stuff, i hope. the guy just doesnt look 46 to me. he doesnt act 46 either!
i better go, shawn is walking by me, naked, and is peeing on the floor and sliding in it. why did he strip in the sand box??????
so, thats my 200th blog post. soory, no hoop-lah. what do i win anyway??????


Erin said...

YAY ALI! I Would have thought you had over 200 posts by now!
I never completed my giveaway..
maybe at 400 posts!!!
I did that 200 things about me.. phew, it was hard work!
Hope your bathroom turns out AWESOME!
WTG Jackson. the girls team is pretty kick ass... Ashley the teeny thing is a badass... and Sydney finally has it figured out!

Mothering4Money said...

LOL Thanks for the shout out. Congrats on your 200th post!

You can see how many post you have on your dashboard without having to count, by the way.

I get spingly too!

Hope you post pics of the bathroom remodel.

Happy early birthday!!!