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Thursday, June 4, 2009

200 facts, part 3

101. i like feet and i WILL look at yours.
102. i am very opinionated about certain things, for instance: the C section debate. 96% of them are un necessary and women are fooled and frightened into them. its victimization, pure & simple. if you had a c section, if you feel cheated, its because you WERE.
103. i yell too much.
104. i pretend to care when the kids do certain things, because i'm a mom and its my job, but the truth is, i really don't mind. most of it is not a big deal and life wont end.
105. i hate schedules.
106. i do not worry about global warming, the ozone layer or any other tree hugging factoid.
i believe it all, i just dont care worry about it all.
107. i wear a baseball hat atleast 4 days a week. love me or leave me!
108. i still have my 2 favorite stuffed animals from infancy.
109. pack rats drive me crazy. get rid of it!
110. i attempted to be a surrogate mother for a NY couple in '92 & '93. i never conceived and they moved on and adopted. after that, i was infertile.
111. i LOVED living in NY 3 days a month! it was sooo ME(except for that crappy team they root for@@)
112. i have been writing a novel for over 9 years.
113. i am allergic to dead grass.
114. i have never smoked a cigarette or smoked anything else, for that matter.
115. i always fall asleep in the car, time of day does not factor in at all. unless i'm driving LOL
116. i don't like talking on the phone, i never answer it.
117. i get car sick in the back seat.
118. i hate asking people for favors of help.
119. i would like to see Alaska.
120. making this list makes me feel self obsessed.
121. i usually dont enjoy cooking dinner, but i like to bake.
122. i love horses and wish we could afford to have one. Calypso, the horse down the road, is the horse of my dreams.
123. every winter i wish we lived elsewhere. then spring comes.
124. i am not a very good friend. i am innattentive, forgetful and lack interest in making any plans. i dont seek anybody out. i like being here at home. they always have to come looking for me.
125. i am social one on one, but a wall flower in crowds.
126. i find NO pleasure in things that most people truly enjoy. travel/vacationing, sightseeing, ... hard to explain.
127. i watch The Tony Awards every year.
128. i liked male teachers better than female.
129. i dont use sun screen unless i'm at the beach.
130 i dont make my kids wear bike helmets.
131. i suck at haggling. dont send me to buy the car!
132. i dont like high heels or shoes of any kind, to be honest.
133. i like bright colors. the word "neutral" makes me GAG.
134. i lost a friend in an accident 4 1/2 years ago and i am still pissed off at GOD.
135. none of my children are baptised.
136. i went through 4 sets of retainers after braces. i lost them, broke them, melted them on the dashboard at the beach and destroyed them in the garbage disposal.
137. my eyesight is terrible but glasses suck and i cant do the contacts thing YUCK. gross.
138. i dont like narrow minded bigots.
139. i am a forgive and forget kind of person(usually)
140. i believe in ghosts and guardian angels.
141. when i was little i wanted to be a clown.
142. i love clowns, to this day.
143. if i was a man, i would collect ties.
144. aliens are among us. i know it.
145. i dont worry about germs. chronic obsessive hand washers are sicker than i am every winter.
146. i love to paint and i'm good at it.
147. i let my kids watch too much tv.
148. i love tattoos. i have a few.
149. i love Text Twist. kris got me addicted!
150. i suck at time management!


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