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Saturday, June 6, 2009


just when ya think things are going great, ya know?
yesterday SUCKED was really hard.
Jackson found a wallet in the morning on the bleachers. it had 35$ in it and belonged to his friend. 3 other kids saw him take it, it was no secret. george kept trying to steal the money, so jackson moved the money to another pocket. that looked bad when the teacher asked him for the wallet after some girl told the teacher he had it. jack had no idea how to stick up for himself when it all went down and was his RAD, silent, no eye contact self.
Yogi & i were on a lunch date when i got the call. yay. the story doesnt end there, sadly. a mean kid named Kyle put a hate note on a gay kid's locker. the gay kid had already seen it and laughed with a bunch of his friends, jackson included.... but later, a teacher saw jackson with kyle sticking the note back on the locker after it had fallen down and jackson was blamed for writing the note in the first place. he was ent to in school suspension for sexual harrassment! its a long story and i just got jacks side thismorning, it still isnt all clear and although i was fuming mad yesterday, today i just feel bad that my son is so misunderstood, is thrown under the perverbial bus for EVERTHING, has no idea how to state his case or defend himself and processes information so slowly. i really need to stipulate in his IEP that when he is sent to speak to the principal about an incident that he have an advocate of some sort with him. but who? who understands him like i do?
on a happy note, his baseball team is 11-2 and in the playoffs beginning the 15th. one more regular season game monday night. we are #1 by 4 games!
Yogi's 46th is today. he loves his new Ipod! and case to attach it to his belt. he lost his old one at a baseball game last year trying to catch a wayward fly ball into the stands. OOPS!
jackson looks so sad. we had a long talk about:
1. being a follower/leader and advantages and disadvantages to each
2. guilt by association
3. "finding" things and who to give them to when you do/how to handle situations such as this
4. life lessons
5. how you want others to see you and think of you/setting up your future
6. peer pressure
7. the 7 thousand dollar sports car doug just bought and what a moron he isfantastic decision that was on his part. but thats a story for another blog post!
have a happy day

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