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Monday, June 22, 2009


oh, yah. its a tiara. jealous? i knew it.
janice & phil

Kitty, Stephen & kids Natallie & Annah Mai

Simeon knows just what Miss Ali likes!

Kris & Jenny

the toddler set, diving into the goods. when kris plans a party, M&M's and Starburst are beyond mandatory!

pre-party, picking my perennials

Kris & her best college buddy, Klayton. he is the sweetest.

Kris and my favo-babe, Naomi

"Vic Pic" ( we did it!)

Dougalou & Kayleigh

Ben scored by feeding my new addiction-he picked my new favorite scent without even trying! it is AMAZING! (Beach Walk. i want Cottage Breeze next!)

i had LOTS of help!

more vic pix. Kris & Libby-she lied the most, so she aint gettin' her dishes back! but i love my Libby!

Ben-Ben and my niece Jenny toasting marshmallows & making Smores-like there wasnt enough food????


Kris made this on Piknik. cool huh?

Amy R. Lexi & ken-ken

Rich, Jessie, Simeon & Naomi

Shawners making an impish face

yup, they did it, they pulled it off. the husband, the roomy, the daughter & my best friends yanked my chain, lied to me bent the truth, snuck around and otherwise whispered for weeks on end to plan this thing. then they called me away from the end-of-baseball-season pool party at the coaches house with a concocted story about a seriously injured dog to get me to come home. we all had a blast and i know they worked really really hard to get it all done. It was overcast, but never rained, which was the biggest hurdle, but The Big Guy made sure we didnt get rained out, i think. THANKS GUYS!!! MUAH!
oh-i'm trying to upload a video kris took of me arriving at the party, but i think its too long. hoping she can shorten it and upload it for me. i look SO FAT in all these pics i want to CRY but i wont. i will keep trying.

1 comment:

Justju said...

OMG...I'm sooo freaking jealous that I missed it. Looks like everyone had so much fun. Your kids and hubby and best friend are the bomb!! i would've been right smack in the midst of helping them plan, sneak, and lie to you
! haha. Love all the your tiara. Kristin is as adorable as ever...looks like she cut her hair, bangs?! Kristin and Shawny poo are precious...Doug is looking hot! Great fun...once again HAPPY glad you were surprised. love ya kiddo!