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Monday, June 22, 2009

Our 2 Oldest, Father's Day dinner

comic relief is always plentiful around here. 3 weeks of rain? who cares? game cancelled? no biggie. can't work under your car? not a bother. haven't played outside more than 3 days this month? big deal. Youve got Kris to cheer you up. during our Father's Day dinner last night she decided to pull her brother out of his funk by belting out her rendition of "Tomorrow" from the Annie musical. there wasn't a dry eye, i tell ya. too cute, she is. Mummy had her camera near by- big surprise huh?
oh- jackson was present for this dinner and the party, but he moves fast, doesn't want his picture taken, doesn't really participate in anything, and leaves the dinner table the second he's finished. ho hum. ya think he's there, then you turn around and hes gone. kind of like a super hero. He acts very withdrawn on Mother's Day and Father's Day. I get it.
Father's Day was very uneventful, due to my surprise party on my shopping day the day before. i felt bad! but i did go shopping for a card for him and got my Dad a new bird bath and brought it over to my Parents house mid day. Yogi said all he wanted for his special day was to "hang with his peeps". he got that. this rain is getting rediculous!

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