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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

40 has been weird so far

its starting off quirky. for starters, i woke up in a puddle of urine. Not mine. then there was the dog officer thing, i won't trouble you with it, but let's just say it ended in a verbal SMACK DOWN of sorts with yours truly as the clear winner. anyway, to commemorate this glorious occasion i decided to dye my hair platinum blonde. the roots will be ugly, but i dont damn care. Blogger is acting strangely today, this text may look all screwy. the rain is forecast to continue for another 24 hours so i'm not sure whats going on today, but damnit, i want a frikkin CLOWN! jackson is being his RADical self, Ken didnt feel like getting dressed for school and i think the garbage disposal is on the brink of implosion again, but FEAR NOT. my 40th will end on a high. make note of it, folks. can you say ANGEL FOOD CAKE???? so.. lets see... ive spent the last few days re finishing my yard swing and ripping out the 18 month old wall-to-wall carpeting(disease mat) in the living room. back to the hardwood that could use a re-finish, but i scrubbed & polished it to a decent shine. with kids and dogs and cats and guests, carpeting just didnt work out. i was constantly having it professionally cleaned and as sweet and adorable as The Carpet Guy is, i dont want him to have to move in here to maintian a disease free environment for us. besides, he dated my sister, so it would be awkward! dont get me wrong, T.C.G. was devastated when i texted him to tell him the carpet was gone, but he relaxed when i informed him that my foster dog pees on my bedroom carpet nightly, so he'll be invited back very soon. he was worried, i could feel it. so the light blue plush you always see in the backround of pictures will now be hardwood again. youll see it soon enough i guess. what else? oh-jack thought that if he didnt hand in the signed paperwork for summer school he wouldnt have to go. DUH. when will he ever learn? my sister has been doing the ancestry thing. turns out my grandmother who lived to be 106 1/2 was really 107 and change! she was born in 1899, not 1900 as we thought. she also was born in Stowe,VT. not Canada. 107 years is a long time to screw up a story lol. why doesnt the ENTER button work in BloggerVille today????? i better sign off now and make sure this is even working. will check in later and finally post my last 50 Facts About Me.


Erin said...

I am a bad friend and forgot to send you a happy birthday message! I hope 40 treats you like the QUEEN!!! And I dont mean Michelle Obama. I LOVE YOU ALI! YAY on the lack of living area carpet! WOOT!

Mothering4Money said...

can't wait to see the hair!
hope 40 gets better ;)