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Sunday, June 28, 2009

weird night on Friday....

On Friday it didn't rain. (REALLY! I KNOW, RIGHT???) so I invited Libby over for lunch so we could enjoy the outdoors. She worships the sun. Her kids were away so she came by herself. We ordered pizza and hung out OUTSIDE. REALLY! The day flew by and the night showed up. I tried to sleep but couldn't so I got up. Then the thunder & heat lightening began. HEAVEN. I went outside to enjoy it, but was being attacked by mosquitoes so I came in, opened the windows so I could atleast hear it all, and turned on The David Letterman Show. 2 minutes into his monologue I heard the most unreal crack of lightening I had heard since Haiti and almost fell off the couch. The house shook and the power went out. Dead Silence. I ran outside to check on Libby & Tim, who were sitting on the outdoor swing lighting things on fire melting stuff chatting & enjoying the fire he built. I was afraid they'd been struck! Thank God it was only the transformer directly across the street that had been struck down. Libby and Tim had jumped off the swing screaming and Libby hurt herself in the process and spent the next day the the chiropractor! Nobody admitted to peeing their pants. LIARS! peed their pants though! Thank Goodness!
Tim was in daze after it happened. i finally went out there and said "please come in and help me find all the candles! It's dark!" Shawn slept through the initial strike, but the aftermath woke him up. Yogi handled him. Ken sort of woke up, but I felt my way down the hall to check on her and she settled down and went back to sleep. Jackson got up to pee and merely took note of the commotion. The public service truck arrived on scene about an hour later, spent another hour putting out whatever fire was blazing in there & replacing/repairing the transformer box, then we were up & running! I thought of my friends in Haiti that night. a lot. In Haiti they are lucky to have power at all. Ever. We are very fortunate here. 2 hours and the work was done, the bedroom didn't even get all that warm before they were finished and the AC turned back on. Thanks PSNH! We were up very, very late and we were all dragging the next day, especially the drinkers.
Sorry if that story bored you. My life isn't all that exciting sometimes LOL

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Erin said...

HOLY COW! We keep getting gipped (sp?) here with the weather. Although at 6 Flags there were some AWESOME cracks... what a waste of $$ though. Ah well... hoping we get something impressive soon. I think we have a nuclear bubble around us from the subase... so everything misses us.