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Sunday, May 23, 2010

another week?


i love this one

shawn alan LOVED the post hole digger!

Gunkuh was so excited when we decided some limbs needed to be cut down first!

love this too

Kody took his role very seriously.

WOW, that just flew right by. between caring for my stupid leg burn, 2 dentist appointments, 2 chiropractor visits, 1 trip to the burn guy, 3 trips to grocery stores(i hit the sales!)my time at the Y, Kendyl's soccer, sharing my vehicle(which I am growing very tired of after 18 mos.) and tournament basketball.. OY. just busy! On Friday we picked up the wooden swing set from Home Depot and we assembled it yesterday. this is a tournament free weekend so we took advantage of it.

Kristin continues to mail & fax resumes to prospective employers. no bites yet. she is seriously considering changing her plans for her senior year of college. Spanish majors make NO money and she also may decide to finish here, at community college, instead of the dorm. she has no money saved, no job yet, a student advisor who doesn't do his job and doesn't care, along with some professors in the Spanish department who could be.. um.. a lot better. she made the Dean's list, maybe the high honors one- again. 1 B, all the rest were A's. she rocks.

Doug is traveling from couch to couch, and also sleeps in Korey's car sometimes.went to court over a January speeding ticket and lost his license for 45 days, hood flew up and smashed his brand new windshield again... no money to fix it and a 500$ fine to pay the courts by Sept. 1st. his life is in the crapper big time. he has managed to keep his job, but it's not enough hours so he's disgruntled over that too. choices choices. we feed him when hes here and he does his laundry.. he worked for Yogi part of the week so he ate well those days. we invited him to build the swing set & i put out lots of food, but nobody showed up.

Jackson's bicycle woes continue. its an expensive trick/jumping/x games bike. this is his 4th and final bike on our dime. the rules were spelled out. NO changes. NO taking it apart, we don't care what your friends think is cool. NO painting it. NO alterations. the very first day he peeled off all the stickers and yanked all the reflectors off. i noticed and told him to put them back on. he ignored me and messed up a few days later and lost the bike for a month anyway. then we forgot about the reflectors. hes had the bike back for a week. yesterday i noticed the lack of reflectors and told him he could leave as soon as he put them back on. they're GONE, of course! so, no bike. this is a jet black kid with jet black eyes wearing a jet black helmet(when I'm looking, anyway. then he just throws it in the woods. ) and jet black pants and shirt riding home at 10pm from a ball game... get my drift? he has NO thought process or self help skills, so just sits and stares. when i mentioned that he needed to think hard and come up with a way to solve this problem, he said "i don't care". i told him that we could buy more and he could work off the money he owes, he said, "naah".

NO PROBLEM KIDDO. less worry for me. you'll be right here staring into space ALL. SUMMER. LONG. no worry about your safety out in that dark, cruel world. just dont forget that the TV goes in the closet once school is out. oh.. you forgot? darn. luckily, the swing set and trampoline are here for you. enjoy playing with the babies all summer. you're welcome.

ONE RULE. ONE. broke it in 8 minutes but I'M the bitch. that's ok. i am a bitch. just ask my x mother in law. anyway, the bummer is that now he'll do NOTHING in school and lose his first big chance at the honor roll. he only does his work to keep the bike. my plan is to buy the reflectors, let him know they're here, show them to him, then hide them and give him a list of yard work to complete and see what he does. seeing them might stir his desire. may not.. I don't know. But I am NOT going to treat him like a little baby. he was told to leave the damn bike alone.

the little ones are doing great, shawn and I both woke up with nasty colds yesterday, but otherwise fine. kendyl has a tiny cavity too. that's her 2nd one! whats the deal? I'm so peeved. they are loving their play structure and shawn isn't pooping his pants as much lol. he starts school July 6th. i will be ALONE 12 hours a week, all summer and 8 hours a week in the fall-shawn will only go 2 days a week in the fall. summer is 3 days. what will i do? besides getting on the ball with the weight training, I'm not sure! It'll be very strange. I'll work more, but I work from home won't feel any different. well... quieter!
still working with our new mortgage company to get the payment in a fair ratio to our income. it's not right to sell our mortgage to another company who is only in business to raise our payments! Bank Of America stinks.

My mom is in a lot of back pain again and is dehydrated. no idea whats going on with her but why did the urgent care doc send her home if shes so dehydrated? shes a heart attack/stroke patient! she may need a second back surgery, she had one in the late 90's i think. even her arthritis specialist hasn't been able to help her back this year. i will try to see her today.

my friend Memmay is sick too, not sure with what but i need to check on her today too. she was here Friday and seemed fine, but her daughter let me know that shes really sick. the golden years don't sound very good to me! I'm staying in my 40's forever! that's IT!

I'm supposed to be cleaning my room and putting laundry away. oops. have a great Sunday!

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Mothering4Money said...

Is K interested in moving south? Interpreters and Spanish teachers needed here.