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Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 steps back

Konor was fired from his job thismorning. fantastic. i guess his bosses boss found out about an old arrest record of his. he used to be a thug. what will they do now?
doug is sleeping on his Father's couch, 30 minutes north of here, for now. that may go ok, but it's a small place with high rent.
i've been sick since about midnight. at first, i thought the long hard run i took last night might have upset my stomach, but I'm still sick. headache, dizzy, puking.. UGH and i just visited my parents yesterday. great.
worried about all the kids, but excited to see kris tomorow night, just after midnight sat. morning. i miss her so much.
gonna go lay down. kids are being so good!
i hope jack is having fun at camp, no calls yet! LOL


Mothering4Money said...

Wait, Jackson went to camp? I don't remember you blogging that. Or maybe I missed it. Either way, bet you are enjoying being able to leave something sitting out and it still be there when you go back for it.

I know kicking them all out is hard. You are doing the right thing. They have to grow the F up.

Get well soon. xoxo

Mothering4Money said...

Oh, never mind ... I remember the rolled up pee sheet now.