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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

long weekend in pics

erins husband chris, son CJ, daughter Sydney

Ashley 10, sydney 8.5 and kiley 5

my friend Erin & me. they are being stationed in a new place, he's in the Navy, so annual trips up here from groton CT are over :(

CJ will be 3 in Nov.


erin and CJ

jacky and chips.

the thinner i get, the crazier my chin looks. jay leno should have a contest for chin most like his. I'd win, hands down.

kristin and her buddy Shaun. hes giving her a car!


Mothering4Money said...

Girl, you can't just drop a sentence like "he's giving her a car!" and not elaborate on where Mr K went or why some cute boy is giving Ms K a car.

You and Erin could be sisters you look so much alike.

Seems y'all had a fun weekend!


Jeri said...

Wait a dadgum minute! Why that looks like a real smile on Jackson's face! Even appears to reach his eyes...but,shhhh, I didn't say it out loud. Don't want to get the RADgods thinking they need to wipe it off.

Looks like a great visit....already wishing we needed jackets here but it's a long time till December.

Georgia said...

I love those submarine shirts! My husband was on a sub in the Navy and whenever I find shirts like that for Bubba, I buy them!