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Monday, May 17, 2010

sad :(

kristin & daniel, august 2007
daniel is right above the dad. the one with the most hair.

remember my trip to Michigan in September? to visit my cousins? i wrote about it here. Anyway, my cousin daniel, the 23 year old(2nd oldest), died last night. He was competing in a triathlon on Saturday, a triathlon he won last year. During the bicycle part, he was in a collision and suffered massive head injuries. He was flown to University Of Michigan where he had brain surgery but died about 30 hours later. I am still so stunned. he was the one who picked me up when i got to Michigan, we chatted during the 2 hour car ride to his parent's house and it was so fun to hang out with just one of the kids at a time and talk about life. I never heard a kid speak so fondly of his parents or family. he teaches Bible school, coaches soccer....just the best kid ever. Now he's gone. i feel so sad for his older sister, 6 younger brothers and his amazing parents. how will they go on? I'm waiting to hear what/when the arrangements are, then i will decide if I can pull off a quick trip to MI. last minute tickets are so outrageous! But i will try. I want to be there.

in the family photo, Daniel is the darker haired guy right above his Father


Corey said...

Oh Ali. I'm so sorry.

That sort of thing is not supposed to happen.

beemommy said...

Ali, there is nothing harder than burying a child. Sounds like he reached perfection on this earth a lot earlier than most people. As a mom who has been there, all I can say is that what helped,especially when the shock wore off and everyone had gone back to their "normal" lives when your normal is now anything helped a great deal when people would be open to talking about my daughter, instead of avoiding the subject to protect me. That's all the advice I can give....from what you've written, this family is a very united and powerful one, they will get through this, especially with family like you in their lives. Hugs to you and I'm so sorry. jeri

Georgia said...

I am so sorry. My own cousin, who turned 19 on Mother's Day, was tragically killed late last week in a car accident. His parents are completely devastated, as am I. My mother passed away in September and he came to her funeral, dressed in his Texas A&M Corps of Cadets uniform. She was so proud of her nephew. Comfort and peace will be hard to come by in the days ahead, but I can pray for moments when the family can take a deep breath...just a moment at a time. I am thinking of you.

Mothering4Money said...

This world is so unfair. He left it too soon. Very tragic. My condolences.

Momto15 said...

Terrible. :(
I am so sorry.
Prayers and hugs.

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

My heart aches for you and the family. {{{Hugs}}}

MomInTheTrench said...

Ali I'm so sorry. How heartbreaking.

Mike and Katie said...

That is so sad and just not fair! I remember your post about them. They sounded like such a greay family. What a sad tragedy.