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Saturday, May 8, 2010


so bummed that jack was asleep on the dang couch! this would have been a nice christmas card photo LOL Kris would KILL ME. she looked tired!
yah, its a shot glass. i didnt buy it!

doesnt she looks so much cuter with the few extra pounds? i think so!

kris cried when doug showed up thismorning, she missed her "baby brother".

costa rican dress and jewelry

new wallet, key chain and mug with his name on it( a tradition they have) and of course, spoons for his spoons of the world collection. nerd.

xylaphone. cuz she hates me lol

loud nicaraguan bird whistle. she still hates me.

BOY did i wish i had brought my camera while we were in Boston at Faneuil Hall. dark sky, big, lit buildings, north church steeple, the wharf.. im a dummy. i should have brought it. we had so much fun walking around, the live music was amazing, so was the pie. we are going back next month to have a do over! i finally pulled out the camera thismorning. Kris fell apart when she hugged her Daddy, she missed him so much. they are so close, it was so cute, made me cry.
have a wonderful Mother's day weekend! I WILL!

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