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Monday, May 3, 2010

pics and brood updates

* David moved 3 towns over to live with an aunt a few days ago, he will be able to work full time for his uncle at a jiffy lube, pay to get his driver's license back, and start over. i miss him. i think I enjoy his company the most out of all the "extras". he doesn't flip out, no anger issues, helpful, so good with the little ones, so playful.. i miss my boy. he calls me MA.

* Jenny and Konor are looking at a place today! i know, last minute, but they need more money than they have..they leave by Friday so i can clean the room for Kristin, who is coming home with LOTS of stuff, get it organized and wash windows and stuff.

* the other night, Doug & Korey went off in Korey's car to "run errands" after work. at 3am our cell phones were ringing next to our bed. the boys(along with 2 friends) were arrested because they were parked on a random street with pot in the glove box. supposedly, all the charges were dropped, pending an investigation because doug & Korey are helping the police catch some dealer in town(not theirs)who is on the run. they are going to be snitches. well, they aren't going to do that from here. both boys must be out by Friday, along with Jenny & Konor. 5 kids- GONE in fewer than 6 more days. i might pee myself with glee!cry! I'm going to missmost of them them all so much!

needless to say, Doug & Korey see no issue with this, think it's all "no big deal"(the lies about "quitting", the fact that the Army may kick doug out when they get wind of this.... all of it) and are livid and disgruntled that we are sending them on their way. they keep asking Yogi & I to "talk this out" with them. what is there to talk about? they were arrested for possession, we don't need that here, they lied, we don't trust them, we don't need the police here, we have young, impressionable kids here... etc etc etc etc etc! Yup- Jenny smokes pot too. quietly. in the woods. alone. then she sits on the couch watching the science channel all night. she's not out, in a car, parked on some random street being reported to the police. all the pot heads ARE LEAVING this week. that's my final answer.

* This will be very hard on the 2 youngest. they are so attached to Jenny & Konor, inparticular, It's been a long, fun 3 months. Lots of attention, hugs, boo boo kissing, play time, hair braiding, jumping, rough housing, cookie baking, snuggling up watching movies..... she's going to be a wonderful Mother. She's attentive, patient, invested, loving and kind. stoned, yes...but still all of the above. They will make great parents some day down the road, both of them. If only they could quit the reefer. siiiggghhhh. I so want them to succeed. we've filled the kids in about what is about to happen, but they won't take it all in until they are gone, and Kristin is in the room. They will be excited to see her again, but she doesn't really play. She & kendyl are very close, they sit on the bed and talk, make little movies with her camera, do hair... but jenny & Konor PLAY HARD LOL. It'll be different.

* i haven't lost an ounce in a while. i constantly have my period, which does not help. cant wait to have my abaltion! i run, cycle, kick box or tread climb 6 days a week, and just keep trying. trying to ignore the stupid scale for now. My sister was here yesterday and she really noticed a change. she said "WOW! HOLY CRAP!" that must be a good thing! Tonight I'm going to my first step class at 530. i did the entire 90 minute kick boxing class, so i think i can mange step aerobics! the instructors gave me 20 minutes tops. blew them away! That was FUN. the choreography was really hard, but i did it! did i already tell you this? damn. sorry if I did.

* It is so humid here, i could hardly sleep last night. Time for the AC! may talk Yogi into installing it tonight. it's HOT for early May!

Shawn is 95% potty trained, pooping on the potty and everything. He's so close! all in all, it's been quick and easy(messy though YUCK). can't complain.

* the crazo meter is sky high, Jackson has a school, 2 night camping trip coming up on wed. he's faught the packing, the planning, filled suitcase with rolled up, filthy, urine saturated clothes off the floor, refusal to get ready..... avoidance at it's best. maybe his 68 IQ is a true picture. He just doesn't understand anything or retain anything. He seems like he's 5. sometimes i really believe he's mentally retarded. He's so low. for a sleeping bag, he rolled up a wet SHEET and stuffed it in the bag.

"you want to sleep on a pine board, with nothing but this?


"won't your bunk mates smell it?"

"i dont care."




Mothering4Money said...

How do you keep the padding on the trampoline so pristine? Ours is falling apart. Shredding, literally. Also, what color red is your neighbors barn door? Love it.

Glad Kristin is coming home soon. I'm worried about her back.

My youngest kids love when we have teens here because of all the extra attention. Well, not all teens ... just the sweet ones.

I forgot who David was? or is?

90 minutes of kickboxing sounds exhausting.

I can't remember what else I was gonna say. The phone rang and my mind can only hold so much. LOL


Kristin said...

I started laughing out loud at the part about your conversation with Jack about packing, and now the people in the airport internet area think I'm nuts! hahaha