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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

out of sync

i make decisions and then i think, "oh, crap, now i have to stick to it." Tomorrow, all the big kids are moving out. Only thing is, none of them have a place to go. Theoretically, Jenny could go to her father's house, but Konor isn't welcome so... that won't happen. Doug could go sleep on his Father's couch, but his place is small and 30 minutes away. It won't work, but he may go there temporarily. Korey is sleeping in his car, Doug is sleeping in his car & Jenny & Konor are sleeping in their car. I await my award, it must be in the mail.
I ran 5 miles in 53 minutes tonight, not too bad! last night, we had an intense storm and lost power, so i took the night off. after a day of total rest, i run harder and better. I'm so hungry i feel sick, so i better go sneak some Nutella!
I'm sad and out of sorts, but this rough patch in my life shall pass.
night all

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