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Friday, May 7, 2010

time for a really quick update...........

..........likely full of typos!

Jenny & Konor spent the entire day "somewhere"(not here) then finally showed up at 930 pm to move all their stuff. they were quiet about it, so i kept my mouth shut, but isnt it easier to move during the daylight hours? Doug helped them. they left Kristin's bedroom a complete pig sty, so i just spent the entire morning cleaning it, but I got it done, no harm done. It looks great. She e mailed me from the airport and all is well with travel, so far. she seems upbeat!

Jackson had fun at camp afterall! the heights scared him, but he loved the rest and came home in a good mood. he said he was "afraid" I wouldn't be there to pick him up. Atleast he can verbalize that fear. he was glad to see me waiting for him when they pulled up on the bus.

We had planeed to go to Boston as soona s the younger kids went to bed, maybe get some dinner, walk the streets before going to the airport, but I'm thinking Yogi might need to sleep for a while instead. Not sure what we're doing. I'd like to squeeze in a run before we leave, but I don't know if I can get away. Doug & Korey have already been here today to do laundry and bathe. will this ever end? now they're gone.
I baked a couple chickens, no idea when Y&T will be home from work. this siding job is taking forever because materials are back ordered.

all is well, it'll all get done. BUT I am so tired of cleaning up poop! this potty training crap is for YOUNG parents! he was doing great, but now keeps messing his pants again. OY.

i hope they charge that "Runaway Mom" with a crime. I despise her. there. I said it. yes, I am judging her. CRUEL CRUEL CRUEL. EVIL, even.
ok, i better go, still so much to do before we leave. Maybe Courtney will come babysit for me for a bit, but i hate to throw Jackson for a loop, he just got home. I don't know...
can't wait to see my girlie!


Jessie said...

Might be off base, but there are so many changes going on, Little Man may just be taking control over what he CAN control. Unfortunately, that's typically what goes in and out of his body! Praying he gets back on track soon!

Jeri said...

My thoughts exactly Jessie....I'd let pooping slide. Oy, that's not a pretty image. Hang in there miss ali.