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Sunday, May 9, 2010

what NOT to do/Happy Mother's Day!

never apply an ice pack to bare skin, wrap it with an ace bangdage and fall asleep. after the power outage, the freezer went nuts and the temp was apparently lower than normal. when i arrived home from my run, i quickly wrapped up my chronic bad leg, as I usually do, so that i could eat the fabulous Boston Market chicken dinner that Uncuh had sprung for. i didn't pay any attention to the fact that the ice pack was harder and more frozen than usual. then i ate dinner and drifted off on the couch during the thunder storm. then i woke up to this. i felt no pain until my skin started to warm up, i should have felt it at the beginning. my high pain tolerance gets me in trouble sometimes. it was kind of a long night. thismorning i popped all the blisters and cleaned it up and now i'm grounded. later i will wrap it up really good and go to the Y like a dummy. I took Monday off because of the town power outage and Friday night I went to the airport, so i MUST run/cycle today. Especially after the yummy baked french toast!!!! Yogi makes it for me every year. the kids made me the cutest cards and Kendyl made me a sun catcher at school. Kris has something up her sleeve too.. haven't seen it yet.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!! Yogi & T are off picking up my new picnic table right now! only thing I asked for. I'm a major dweeb. screw the jewelry!


Sam said...

Happy Day. Ooooh, that must hurt.

beemommy said...

Aren't ya glad you had your legs shaved? Man, that looks so painful! So sorry you're dealing with this but very impressed that it's not stopping you in your quest to improve your health. Heck, I'd miss a walk for a broken toe nail, much less the blisters large enough to add to your census count! Wow. (Hope you're laughing now and that I haven't made your blisters hurt more.) Tell Uncuh I said he's a wimp....getting out of Texas before the heat hits?! Wait, he survived Blizzard '09, didn't he? Cancel my statement then.

Silvadene cream is great for burns and blisters to keep them from getting infected. I'd see a doc, the surface area of skin you have that will be "weepy" is fair size leaving you open to infection.

Mothering4Money said...

OMG painful

When did Tim get back?

Happy Mother's Day.