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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


it looks gross, but it's not infected, so i'm still doing my thing. lots of edema though, swollen from my knee cap to my ankle. reaaaalllly puffy. yuck. i do things for a while, then put my leg up for a while, on & off all day. running stunk tonight, too swollen, so i stopped after 1 mile and jumped on the tread climber instead. last night i did a 13 mile bike tour, all hills! can you believe I did this to myself? what a tool! ah, live & learn. i'll get it behind me & move on. at least it isn't all that painful. my neck hurts way more than my dumb leg. back to the chiro with Kristin at 930 am.
shawn & kendyl are really missing jenny & konnor, they came to visit yesterday and made their day. today, Doug, Korey & david came to visit, then Courtney came! the kids were in heaven with all the attention. kendyl cried when everyone left :(
did i mention that my size 12 jeans fit now? quite the "muffin top" but... i'm not worried about that right now. I'm down 53 pounds! so who cares? im healthier than I have been in ages. even with my bum leg and my crappy neck. on my 40th Birthday, last june, I weighed 242 lbs. by my 41st Birthday I'm hoping to be at 180. i'll settle for 185. (and i didnt even start this thing until Dec 1st!)i need to really step up the BORING weight training and stop eating cookies. Gotta reach my goal!
did i mention that i have the best husband in the whole wide world? no? well, he is. i'm so blessed. I love having him around. i wish he could take some time off.
i'm rambling.. good night all!

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Corey said...

LOVE the new header. SO cute!

And girl. Size 12! You know what that means? You are now officially too skinny to shop at Lane Bryant! REALLY! The day that happened to me I about stroked out. CONGRATULATIONS!!