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Friday, October 31, 2008

freaky friday

granny is in hospice, opening her eyes a bit but thats it. i havent visited yet.

garage "might" help us with our huge repair bill. "might". not fixed yet. yogi is using my SUV & getting rides to jobsights, so we are ok for now.

replaced cell phones last night, Yogi's didnt work at all & mine wont hold a charge-been 3 years since we got new ones, so we got 2 really cool slidey phones for free. LG shines? no idea what those words mean.

doug refuses to pack up his stuff even though he knows that if i pack it, it will all go far far away, never to be seen again. tough love, man.

here are some pics. not much else going on- THANK GOD.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the pics. Those are real pick-me-ups.

Georgia said...

Those monkey overalls are the cutest things I have ever seen! I wish I had pairs for my girls! Adorable!