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Monday, October 27, 2008

PMS makes me mean & other tales

ok.. so.. whatever. mary poppins doesnt live here NO MO. she left. mommy dearest took her place last night lol. i am on edge, tired, achey, and irritated that "C" & Kayleigh stole all my Tampax! Luckily, kristin left me some inferior backups & i will head to the store momentarily. i decided that blogging my thoughts might put me in a better frame of mind so i dont yell at the sweet autistic kid who bags my groceries. i usually adore all my special baggers, & they dig me bigtime, im just afraid i may blow it today if i dont snap out of my mean-ass funk.
about 6 weeks ago Yogi's truck was fixed. cost us 1200.00$ now its broken again. estimate? 600.00$. its an 04. what the hell? we just dropped it off and are hoping the estimate stays where it is!
electrician is coming to fix our problem on saturday, but we will be without power for 5 hours or more. oh, well.

we didnt kick doug out. he left. i called him and told him i thought he made a hasty& rash decision, and gave him until 8pm to decide what he really wanted to do. all my kids know that once theyre out-theyre out. he called me at 630 telling me he would be coming home. great. what time???? I DONT KNOW. you dont know? you are grounded, tonight was the night that you desperately wanted to go out, and were upset when i said NO, THEN you were booted from school a FOURTH DAY. so now you are out with all your friends, getting EXACTLY what you wanted all along, and are telling me that once you have your fun tonight, THEN you will come home and start over???? um.... NO. come home NOW, face the punishment, give me the car keys back and deal with it. you cant have it both ways. he said OK, but then never showed up. kristin, who didnt know doug called me at 630, called her brother at 745 and said "its almost 8pm! get here or mom is locking up! youre an idiot!" to which he replied, "no, i dont want to come home, so i will face the consequences." so.. he literally moved out of his house in trade for ONE NIGHT OF FUN. why is is that 18 year old boys can only think with Mr. Big Man???(their penis). M.B.M. isnt gonna find you an apartment buddy! M.B.M. needs to take a vacation! he also needs to get a job.

On a MUCH happier note-jackson continues to flourish. you know how they say RAD kids really improve when they get to that point of being with you as long a they were with "them"? maybe its true! hes been with us over 5 years now, and has been in the states almost 5 years(nov. 5th) he was between 6 & 7 somewhere when we adopted him. so we are getting there. he is a happy guy right now, having his very best school year so far, his SPED teacher is an old friend of mine- i was a teaching assistant for 5 years way before he came home- and she is AWESOME. shout out to terri maki! he works hard for her. he also has a male teacher this year for regular classroom stuff and enjoys that. he also LOVES science. his attitude at home is wonderful and GET THIS ONE!!!!! 2 nights ago i was watching baseball and whining to yogi that it was cold in the living room. jackson went down the hall to kristins room and brought me back a blanket and covered me up!!!!! i was so blown away i almost cried. he said "this blanket is warm, MOM!" it was so cool. Yogi & i just kept looking at each other like WHOA. thats one for the books, folks. if only he'd curl up under the blanket with his old, who cares?
OH! heres a cool thing. jackson was the #1 draft pick for basketball this year out of 314 kids. he got an amazing coach and his black friend and him are together, like we asked for. pretty fly huh??? gonna be a good year.

we are "babysitting" a 7 week old long haired kitten. i cannot wait for him to leave lol. the kids LOVE him and the kitten loves Yogi to pieces, but shawn keeps dumping the food, water & litter and im about to go out of my PMS affected mind. hes got to go! hopefully today. our adult cat, Pheobe, hates his guts too. the dog has been surprisingly gentle & kind to him.

ok, i will stop there. thanks for the ear. if youve called me & i havent called you back, its not you-its me. i get weird about the phone sometimes...... sorry. call you soon. love al


Lisa said...

M.B.M. hysterical! Going to have to remember that one!

Alyssa's Mom said...

You remind me of myself!

I hope you are not offended!

Brenda said...

I'm so glad to hear Jackson is doing well! PMS bah hum bug. I hope you feel better soon. Chocolate helps.

Christine said...

Your post about Jackson is inspiring. I do think there is truth to things getting better as soon as they have been with you longer than they were with them. Have a good day!

Erin said...

HOW awesome about Jackson, Ali! Making strides!
I am a phone-a-phobic too.. but I will be calling you when I can make a ride on up!

TheHappyNeills said...

that's great to hear about jackson!

Georgia said...

I came over from Christine's blog and I'm within the throes of PMS and am definitely weird about the phone. Actually, PMS was last week. Now it's just MS. Just mean. Glad to know I'm not the only one.