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Sunday, November 2, 2008

craptastic start/great ending!!!

first i will cover Halloween. it stunk! shawn was exhausted, so i went up to nurse him & put him to bed. when i came down, everyone had left to trick or treat! 'C' was handing out candy in a ... um....slutty prom dress. since our neighborhood is so huge, i called Yogi to ask where he was so we could find each other. no answer. tried 3 times. gave up. missed it all, didnt get any pictures. waaaaa. there's always next year. no pics. none. nadda.
then there was yesterday. in a nutshell? YUCKO. truck still wasnt fixed, shawn was a crank box, yogi had my truck, doug blew his transmission & kristin called me upset when her cell phone was shut off. they all need money, they all need attention & time. good thing i have nothing else going on, huh??????
let me just get to the good part!
a few days ago, when i was cleaning out the storage room i came across a box of pictures of my very first foster child. i will call him JCGD. he was a chubby, sweet, happy natured 10 month old when we took him in in an emergency situation in May of 94. i instantly fell in love with him. he took his first steps in our house. after 11 weeks, the mother wanted her sister to take him, so he left us. i cried for 3 weeks solid. it was HELL. my heart just ached for that baby boy. after 1 month with the sister, it didnt work out & he was placed in another foster home. i was so sad at first, i wanted him back, but DCYF has their own ideas and atleast the new foster parents brought him to visit me twice, i really liked them. i felt good about him being with them. they ended up adopting JD in the end and i knew he was safe, so i eventually moved on-pretty much anyway LOL. i have never forgotten about him, have missed him very much and have wondered about him often, always made cupcakes on his birthday, but i didnt want to meddle in his life so i lost contact with the family. when i found the pics i took out a few very special ones and mailed him the rest, along with a pile of pics of his younger sister, who we also cared for after we had him. i wanted to enclose a letter, but i was so afraid to say the wrong thing. when he received the pictures, he & his Dad called me! i wasnt home, but i called him back last night. boy, am i glad i did. that call made my year. he loves baseball & reading, 2 things i always wondered about. 2 things i hoped he loved, like i do. i read to him every day he was with me, and he watched alot of baseball that summer! he also plays sax in the school band! Yogi was totally jazzed about that-he played trombone his whole life and loved being in the school band. JD is a well adjusted, kind hearted 15 year old with no attachment issues. he has 2 biological sisters and 3 sisters in his adoptive family-no brothers-too funny. he even wrote me a letter! i cant wait to get it. i dont want to visit him because i will turn into a blubbering idiot and embarrass him LOL but he may call me. even just the letter will make my day :) what an awesome night-i slept SO GOOD. woke up smiling and have had quite a spring in my step today.
i kept saying i needed something good to happen, i am so glad it finally did!
love ya JD!


Shea said...

This is so sweet! I am glad he called you. I did not get to take the kiddos trick or treating. M went out with friends, at 13 this may be the last year. A.J. went to a party and they took her to get candy. I stayed pouting on the couch. I did get a pic or two that I will upload sometime or other.

Shea said...

We did not get as many kiddos this year either. We live in the bible belt and so many believe that Halloween is the devil's holiday. It is quickly being replaced with harvest festivals. Let me tell you, A.J.'s punk cheerleader costume was scaring folks lol. By the way, that Joan Jett song was on my myspace a few weeks ago. A.J. is a Joan Jett fanatic!! I'm really thinking we must be related or something.

Lisa said...

Great story Ali!

Mike and Katie said...

That is such good news. We considered foster parenting because I really didn't think any would would ever "pick" us. But those emotional ups and downs must be tough.

We are still in contact with Amanda's foster family and they check our blog.