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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

brain dump

you know how sometimes you wanna spill it all but have no idea where or how to begin? i am having a day like that. my sister called, she always makes me feel bettter with her "TO HELL WITH 'EM ALL!" attitude. yet, here is sit. staring at a blank slate wishing my play list worked while posting. the sound of my crappy, ancient dishwasher will have to suffice. oh-and jerry's noisy tractor mower.... and Doug grumbling to himself under his breath. yah... he's here. suspended. again. 3 days for shoving the kid who kicked his chair out from under him in woodshop class, causing him to hit the floor. nice huh? doug got up and shoved him causing a piece of equipment to fall over. Doug sees no fault on his part-the thing should have been bolted to the floor to prevent such accidents, afterall. @@. i am so done with teenagers! ready for them to find housing and see how well it goes living solo. good luck! last night i told doug & kayleigh they could invite a "few" friends over for cake & ice cream for kay's birthday. i went out & got a cake, balloons..... they invited 15 people. they all showed up. it went on until 10pm. they sucked helium and made noise. i rock. next morning, this is what i get. a slap in the face! whatever!
when will he exert some self control?????? funny how he held it together all summer at boot camp. hhmmm. husband says hes going back on his concerta and he doesnt care what the damn Army says about it. discharge him then! hes gotta graduate. hes now failing 4 classes-one being english where he had an A 2 weeks ago. he has no car keys, no vehicle, no friends & NO kayleigh. GO RAKE LEAVES! then he punched a dent in my fridge and screamed in his dad's face, after being yucked out last night for putting a hole in his bedroom wall yesterday! this KID!
ok.. vent over for now. back to your fun blogs. i need a drink! ok.. i need minute maid.


Justju said...

Oh damn. :( Sorry Ali...Teenagers can be such little shit asses sometimes...even if they are bigger/taller than us...we're still mom! I hope tomorrow is better.

Unspeakable Joy said...

oh too funny, well except that it's not funny. but i just posted a long vent that i meant to be a quick comment. but you gotta get it out somehow right?!