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Saturday, October 25, 2008

nothing good

nothing good to talk about or report today. doug moved out, dont feel like typing the whole story but lets just say, long story short, he'd rather move out than be grounded or be without a vehicle. he went back to school after his 3 day suspension, and was kicked out again in the first half hour. thats how it all started. now hes asking to move back in, now that the fun he wanted to have last night is over. NO. whether hes going back to school, i have no idea. he doesn't turn 18 for 5 more weeks, so im not sure how this will all play out. all i know is-jackson wants his room, and shawn wants jacksons room!
kind of a crappy weekend so far. we've been cleaning out our storage room in the basement for days, no fun but im happy to report i found some things id been looking for. jackson went clothes shopping, we found all dougs size 14, 16 & 18 clothes i had saved way back when, size 8 1/2 work boots and 2 good winter coats in jacks size too! SCORE! hes thrilled. i also found another bag of clothes for shawn i had forgotten about. he is SET until age 4 or 5.
today Yogi worked and i cleaned. yay. tomorrow we may go back to the pumpkin patch with a camera and get jack a halloween costume.we may go visit some friends who just put a huge addition on their house. havent seen them in ages. that should be a good time.
geeze, i sound like crap! i will try to be funny tomorrow. OY.


Shea said...

I'm sorry about Doug. I am convinced the teenagers of today are mutated somehow. there is no way we were as bid of a pain as our kids can be now lol. Congrats on finding all those clothes. It makes me feel great when that happens. I'm in the middle of packing up A.J.'s stuff and sending it to a friend.

Brenda said...

I'm sorry this is what Doug chose. Hopefully he will see the grass is not at all greener. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I love that you are here for me. Did you get your hair cut? It is cute.