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Saturday, October 18, 2008

lots to say!

hey guys! missed you all so much. Verizon came here to fix my telephone on the 9th and mistakenly detached my internet while i was away at a playdate. there was no hurry to repair it on their part and after speaking to Bippy, Boopy, Boppy and Habib at the phone company over the course of several days, it was finally fixed by a guy named John with sexy blue eyes on the 16th. that didnt hurt much. in the next days we were busy with basketball try outs & i came down with a nasty virus and puked every 25 minutes for 6 solid hours. i am just feeling up to doing anything thismorning. during my blogging break:

the kids colds are gone!

the water & ice maker in the fridge magically repaired it itself. i'll take it!

we spent lots of time outside, i did alot of walking and the pounds are starting to come off

jackson has been excellent, aside from not even noticing/acknowledging the new basketball shoes, court shorts and knee wrap i surprised him with. oh well. kids!
his appointmnet in Boston on wed. went great. he gained 2 lbs and an inch in ONE MONTH. his knee does not require surgery at this time, just more diligence with ice & motrin. more self awareness & self led help too, but i dont see that happenin' LOL this is a kid who comes home with 7 bee stings and merely says "i got stung thismorning at Joeys house" ($#@!^&*%#@!$&*+????????)

Yogi is having his usual fall roofing fest. phone wont stop ringing and the cash is rolling in. chu-ching!

granny is all camped out in her new nursing home, farther away but with a higher level of care than an assisted living facility.

my brand new camera is missing. bad missing. sad missing. i cried kinda missing. i took pics of kendyl pressing leaves between sheets of wax paper on like... monday or something. never saw the camera again. we think shawn threw it into the trash can along with Kayleighs flip-flop, his own busy car Robeez left shoe and my best spatula. the hunt continues, but ive accepted that its gone forever, so if i find it i will be thrilled. the bright side? while searching for the camera, i came across my Forrest Gump soundtrack, my Staind CD's, Dougs birth video(yuck) and my favorite paint brush. anyway, if the camera doesnt turn up by Halloween, i will have to buy a new one. so much for the pumpkin patch photos i planned to take this weekend. ken is going to a birthday party at a karate studio today, so much for those pics too. GGRR. i hate when i get in these patterens of losing things.

Jack slept over a neighbors house last night, was supposed to come home by 830 for medicine. its 10am now. i guess the next time he asks to sleep over, he will be told NO. he missed last nights meds too.

must bathe ken for birthday party!
how is everyone????


Erin said...

holy cow woman! yikes on the puke bug! EEEK!!! I Am so scared of those darned things! I am glad to hear grandma is being taken care of on a higher level... getting old is the pits!
(((((miss you hugs)))))

Brenda said...

Welcome Back!!! I'm sorry for your flu bug. I'm sorry about your camera. I'll miss the pics until you get a new one. Guess I can't say much since I never post them on mine. Good for grandma getting a better care place but its too bad it has to be further away.