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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

well.... damn

Granny had a massive stroke last night, less than 2 weeks after leaving her assisted living facility and moving into a real nursing home. she was in perfect health other than her dementia and a few ovarian cysts, and just had a full work up done in september. you just never mom is devastated and she & her 2 siblings have many decisions to make today. My sister is real close to granny too, so i'm feeling bad for her. we cant drive there to say our goodbyes until they move her from ICU to another room, so we havent seen her yet. for some reason, i was closer to my Grandfather than i was to her. Jackson adored her, she was just his size and speed since he came here. he last saw her in january at a party they had at her place. no idea how many days she will hang on, but they are saying "days". i feel so bad for my Mom.
our truck is still messed up after 1550.00 in repairs. yogi has a roof to start tomorrow!
doug came to visit. has been sleeping all over town. yay. hes still attending school at this point, so im shutting up. i wish he'd take all his stuff.
the kitten left.
shawns top molars HURT.
i didnt sleep well last night.
i'm taking jack to find a halloween costume. he wants to be "scary".
phone keeps ringing!
be good!


Shea said...

I'm so sorry about your grandma. It does sound like Jackson is doing better though. Is he excited about Halloween? What are the other kiddos going to be?

Lisa said...

Oh Ali, I am so sorry. Sending some love & prayers your way.

BTW...I just heard your music for the first time. It might've been on there for a while because usually my sound is off. I LOVE Seasons of Love. I know it word for word and it just makes me happy. The first time I heard it I was sitting center stage on Broadway on the 3rd row watching Rent. It was Awesome. It brought back memories of my previous life. Thank you for my gift today! I am in a much better mood now!