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Sunday, October 19, 2008

good news/bad news

we had a great day today. Daddy was home and it was relaxed and fun. i wish some of the events that took place, took place in a better /more convenient order, but... i am happy they took place at all.

we went to a farm with a pumpkin patch today. it was fun, we brought C with us. she slept over after babysitting for us last night while i dragged Yogi to see The Secret Life Of Bees.(LOVED IT SO MUCH). anyway, the farm was fun, the kids petted goats, cows, sheep and held baby bunnies.
we walked through apple orchard, picked pumpkins, enjoyed the sunflower garden and gorgeous views(the town we went to was just peaking with foliage) beautiful views all over the place,great photo op... but no camera. then we went into the on- site store. mmmmm i found rasberries bigger than strawberries!!!!!!! bought lemon bread, cinnamon bread and pumpkin bread. shawn loved the wagon ride too. jackson chose not to speak or walk near us the entire time, i just ignored his annoying, attention seeking behavior and kept trying to engage him in the many activities taking place around him. if i acted that way at his basketball games, how would he feel? maybe i will try it. he wouldnt even pick out a pumpkin. his loss. we are carving tomorrow night.
then we went home and found my camera 2 hours later while cleaning up the table for dinner! that whole order-of-events thing. i almost cried when i found it, on the kitchen table under a pile of rubble. paper rubble. chocolate mold rubble. a place several people had searched several times over. whatever.
the bad news? the disk is broken and all the pics I've taken in the last 10 days or so do not exist. pressing leaves with wax paper, fall foliage in full bloom, daddy playing with play dough with the 3 youngest, doug in uniform all dressed up, kendyl in her halloween costume(Spiderman.. don't judge me!)...... UGH! but.. i had another disk and it works fine so its all good i guess. atleast we have a camera now!!!
i made chocolate lollipops for kendyls halloween party at school this Friday. came out so cute! & yes, she has chosen Spidey for a costume. weird kid. jack hasnt decided yet.
C & I are taking the kids back to the farm on wednesday if we can make the time. maybe i can get some pictures then.
doug smashed up a couple fingers while helping a kid fix his car at school this week. needed a trip to the ER to make sure they werent broken and thankfully, they are not. just smashed up & bloody. made for an interesting Army drill weekend though, and he flunked his PT test. hes thrilled(NOT). well, ive bored you long enough. hopefully will have something interesting to say later in the week.
GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! game 7 starting in 10 minutes! i am nervous for them!


Unspeakable Joy said...

sorry about the pics, but glad you found your camera!!

Brenda said...

The pumpkin patch sounds wonderful, well, excapt for Jacks, but you know, his choice. I'm glad you found the camera. I'll be waiting for the pictures of your jack o lanterns